Log white tone, refreshing decoration, 2 rooms and

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I was originally a designer, but I was very strange to interior design. Many of my husband's classmates were engaged in interior design, which had some advantages, so I decided to give him the best one full package. My husband and I like the original wood, antiseptic wood and old elm, especially. The style is easy to have been decided early. Our principle is that logs, white, clean, and never fancy. The designer said that the house was very small, and the space was difficult to design. It was only in line with the rules. It was good to be generous. What old elm was too rough and crazy, so I had to give up. More than 80 square meters. Originally, there were two rooms, one toilet and one living room. We just created a three room, two toilets, one living room and one hospital

after the completion of the master room, I want to feel clean

free wind doors and windows and sunshine room

bright viewing platform, fan-shaped very open

latitude space solid wood furniture





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