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Recently. Kefan home furnishing Co., Ltd. made great efforts to establish a "University" within the brand, and invested 1.5 million yuan to cultivate 15 "creative talents", in the hope that there will be subversives in the industry in the future

creativity is the primary productivity of the customized home furnishing industry, so talent is everything. Kefan home furnishing recently launched a "University" within the brand and invested 1.5 million yuan to cultivate 15 "creative talents", hoping to see future disruptors in the industry

in order to pay tribute to jobs and classics, the "University" was named "Daren Zen"

Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan home furnishing Co., Ltd.

Why do you want to run a "University" within the enterprise? Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan household, said that innovators are the future of the enterprise. Kefan has an operation center, a marketing center, an e-commerce center, as well as an innovation center. "Local tyrants" can't do things, they have to rely on knowledge. To this end, Kefan will invest heavily in the "innovation center" to cultivate leading talents in the industry

"our courses are very rich, including art, design and life aesthetics." Lin Tao said that Ke fan would devote two days to classes every month and invite the best teachers. This "idea" has also been recognized by design leaders. Tonghuiming, Dean of the school of industrial design of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, optimized the course and said that he would teach industrial design and brand strategy for free

in the art sector, "Daren Zen" will offer courses in painting, architecture, music and so on; In the design sector, courses such as industrial design, service design, interaction design and brand strategy will be offered; In the life aesthetics section, courses such as golf, tea ceremony, table culture, horseback riding, photography, etc. will be offered, so that students can get all-round edification

Lin Tao said that the creative center solves product problems, and will become a creative center in the future. From here, new business departments can be incubated to promote the development of enterprises





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