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In order to ensure the quiet living environment, people have formulated sound insulation standards. For consumers, it is not practical to analyze the sound insulation performance of wooden doors from a professional point of view. Here is a summary of some simple and easy to learn testing methods

first, look at the weight

the formula of sound insulation is directly related to the density of the material. Therefore, the sound insulation with high density is relatively good, and the molded door is relatively light, which is the root cause of the poor sound insulation of the molded door. But note: adding sound insulation cotton in the middle of the flat hollow door will be more sound insulation than the solid wood door

II. See the thickness of the wooden door surface layer plate

the thicker the surface layer plate, the better the sound insulation effect. Generally, the veneer of the wooden door should be 8mm thick. The thickness and flatness of the surface layer are also better, but the cost will increase. However, the surface of the iron plate fire door is 3mm thick, and the sound insulation effect is also good

third, look at the flatness of the wooden door

the more flat the wooden door is, the better the combination with the door cover, regardless of the structure. As long as the deformed wooden door is not sound proof, there is air leakage. There is also a slightly more professional one. The quality of the expansion glue between the door pocket and the wall will also seriously affect the sound insulation if it is not good. In fact, the sound insulation of the door and window industry has the same national level as the fire door, rather than a single content definition

the concepts of "sound insulation" and "sound absorption" should not be confused. The principle of sound insulation depends on the quality or the density of the material (when the overall weight of the iron plate door is less than that of the wooden door in unit area, its sound insulation is not as good as that of the wooden door), and the sound absorption depends on the fine surface area of the material and the uneven surface space (rock wool, mineral wool, and foam are sound-absorbing materials rather than sound insulation materials)

the tricks of home sound insulation are simply as follows: skillfully use wooden furniture; Choose fabric decoration and soft decoration; Roughen the wall with wallpaper; Put green plants indoors; Reduce sponge items in your home

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