Molding, blowing and pressing of the hottest glass

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Glass material forming: blowing and pressing

glass making is a multi process process. The general forming methods include blowing (machine blowing, manual blowing), pressing, centrifugal rotation, firing, etc. after the above steps are checked, the mold closing speed and pressure can be adjusted down

the blown product is made by air pressure, so it has a great relationship with the air pressure. If the air pressure is too high, the bottom may be thin and the mouth may be thick. If the air pressure is too low, the mouth may be too thin or cannot be blown at all, but the mouth may be missing. General blowing products include bottles and cans

pressing is to press the inner mold into the outer mold to extrude the glass frit. The gap between the two molds affects the thickness of the product, while the internal mold is controlled by air pressure. Therefore, according to the interim story report of fy19f released by the company earlier, too high air pressure may reduce the gap between the two molds and make the bottom of the product thinner: if the air pressure is too small, it is the opposite. Generally, the cup of straight cylinder is pressed, which mainly depends on the overall degree of the company and the accumulation system of designers' experience. However, if the product is relatively high and the edge requirements are thin, it is usually blown, and the thinnest part of this product is in the middle, so the middle part is easy to break

regularly check the screws at the jaw

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