Monthly domestic xylene Market Review in October a

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The monthly domestic xylene Market Review in October and the market outlook in November

october 1 had ball screws. The xylene market was poor, the downstream demand was weak, and the market turnover was relatively limited. The recovery of toluene Market stabilized the xylene market to a certain extent. However, under the condition of abundant supply, some sellers were eager to withdraw their funds and had a strong willingness to ship. The price was obvious. The price negotiation was chaotic. The poor delivery led to the market falling below the resistance level of 8000 yuan/t

as of October 29, the market price of solvent grade xylene in Asia was USD 865 ~ 875/t (FOB Korea), down 65 dollars/t from the same period in September until normal; The mainstream transaction price in East China market is 7900 ~ 7950 yuan/t

aftermarket analysis

if crude oil continues to run at a high level and some major units in Asia cannot start up normally in a short period of time, the xylene outer market is expected to continue to rise. However, due to the poor performance of downstream px/pta, the overall increase is limited. Under the background that the crude oil rose sharply and the toluene market could produce lighter pallets at a faster speed rose as the static stiffness measurement, the domestic xylene market gradually stopped falling and stabilized. Some traders raised the prices of imported xylene, but the low price advantage of domestic products was obvious and the market was difficult to raise. Although there is still no obvious sign of volume turnover, low-priced goods have decreased. It is expected that the xylene market may be stable

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