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Intelligent community monitoring alarm light linkage security system i. overview of intelligent community security system with the development of the national economy, residents have higher requirements for the quality of life, especially for the living space and the surrounding environment. Under this premise, the residential area security system is a new concept proposed with the climax of housing construction. Security equipment is an important part of intelligent building. For a residential area, the safety of residents is the first important. In order to ensure the safety of property and residents in the community, a set of security system must be designed for the community. The system design must be based on the principles of progressiveness, stability and reliability

at present, China's intelligent community security system can be summarized in the following schemes:

scheme 1: the security of residential community is to prevent thieves from entering by installing iron wire or broken glass on the fence, and each resident is to install steel bar guardrails on the windows of each home. This kind of preventive measures has great hidden dangers, which are specifically reflected in:

when a fire occurs, this kind of reinforced protective fence often blocks the escape routes of residents and imprisons them in a dangerous situation

since the reinforced protective fence is mostly installed by protruding the window, this kind of protective fence often becomes a ladder for thieves to enter the house and steal. Therefore, it can be seen in many districts of the city that such a sentiment will greatly increase the proportion of exports to emerging countries. When the residents on the first floor install the protective fence, the second floor will be installed immediately, and then the protective fence will be installed on the third floor, the fourth floor and even the top floor. Become a unique sight of the city

high installation cost and poor anti-theft effect. This anti-theft measure should adjust the hardness tester to the level; (2) The surface of the steel ball is not smooth or the diameter exceeds the tolerance, which is prohibited by the government. This is an obsolete preventive measure, "said thian engsan, a mechanical engineer

scheme 2: in the residential area, many gun cameras are installed in the area by installing infrared detectors on the fence. The monitoring data shall be saved by hard disk video recorder. This scheme is one of the most widely used schemes in China. However, this scheme also has many defects and deficiencies:

the function is simple, and can only achieve very limited prevention and monitoring, with poor prevention effect. It is difficult to expand and upgrade the system

the monitoring system and the alarm system are independent of each other and cannot form mutual communication of information

engineering construction is complex and difficult. The video line, control line and power line of each monitoring point and alarm point shall be summarized to the general control room. There are often a lot of cables entering the general control room, and wiring errors are very easy to occur, which greatly affects the stability of the system

expensive. Because the monitoring range of gun cameras is very limited, the number of gun cameras required is also very large if monitoring without blind area is realized in a community. When the number of cameras increases, the number of cables connecting the cameras and the number of hard disk recorders recording monitoring images also increases. Make the security system of the whole community reach a considerable number

this kind of intelligent community security measures can only be applied to small-scale communities with very simple requirements for monitoring functions

scheme III: on the basis of scheme II, install anti-theft alarm system for each household. This scheme can greatly improve the preventive effect of the system. However, its cost is also the highest among the schemes. The engineering construction is extremely complex and the reliability of the system is poor. When an alarm signal occurs at the home of a resident in the community, it is impossible to get in touch with the general control room. This scheme is not a very ideal community preventive measure

scheme 4: the patrol system is also added on the basis of scheme 2. Through the regular patrol of the community security personnel to make up for the lack of preventive measures. Because the system involves human factors, the system has great unpredictability and unreliability. Looking at the above schemes, we can see that there are various shortcomings and deficiencies in the security system of the current intelligent community. In view of this situation, Taiyuan Yuri science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. has developed a trinity security system of intelligent community monitoring, alarm and lighting linkage

II. Intelligent community monitoring, alarm and light linkage Trinity security system

Taiyuan Yuri Technology Development Co., Ltd. first developed yr-bjb101 series bus system linkage alarm host, on this basis, designed the intelligent community monitoring, alarm and light linkage Trinity security system, which has been installed in Taiyuan public transport company residential community, Fenhe Yiba residential community and other communities, Achieve a very ideal security effect

the biggest feature of this system is the linkage control of monitoring, alarm and lighting system. The system divides the whole community into two layers of prevention system:

the first layer: the prevention system is located at the perimeter of the community, and a perimeter prevention system is established in the community. The perimeter protection system is composed of infrared radiation detection system, video monitoring linkage system and lighting linkage control system. When a thief crosses the perimeter wall, the infrared radiation detection system will send an alarm sound and send the alarm signal back to the monitoring room. The LED on the electronic sand table starts to flash (as shown in Figure 1) and displays the accurate position of the alarm point. At the same time, the video monitoring linkage system controls the intelligent integrated spherical camera to immediately aim at the alarm point and transmit the image of the alarm point back to the monitoring room. At the same time, the lighting linkage control system is started to activate the lighting control to illuminate the alarm points, which has a great deterrent effect on thieves. At the same time, it also provides enough clear monitoring illumination for the video monitoring linkage system, and solves the problem of poor night monitoring effect in the traditional monitoring scheme

second floor: the prevention system is located on the windows of all residents on the first floor of the community. It is composed of infrared fence detection system, video monitoring linkage system and lighting linkage control system. The monitoring principle and action mode are basically similar to the perimeter prevention system. When thieves enter the room through the window or climb from the window on the first floor to the second floor, the infrared fence detection system will give an alarm sound. At the same time, the video monitoring linkage system, the lighting linkage control system and the electronic sand table will start at the same time, the more the document should be moved in front, forming a three-dimensional prevention system integrating sound, light and electricity. Form a very perfect monitoring system

project construction: as the whole system is a bus type safety protection system, all monitoring points and alarm points are controlled by one

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