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New types of soft packaged food are ready for moisture-proof

many varieties of soft packaged food purchased by consumers from shelves are packaged in plastic. After we tear open the sealed plastic bag, its tightness will be greatly reduced. Such as dried fruit foods and baked biscuits, once they are exposed to moisture and impurities in the air, they are very easy to deteriorate, and the shelf life will plummet. In order to overcome this fatal shortcoming, EuropeI company has launched a new concept of moisture-proof packaging for soft packaged food: self-adhesive moisture-proof packaging

the new adhesive bonded moisture-proof packaging products have not changed much in appearance, but only changed the package. 1. The experimental machine has a perfect lubrication system and safety protection system. Consumers only need to open a piece of adhesive on the surface of the packaging bag, and then they will tear a hole, so that we can pick up food from it. Facts show that this packaging method can make the sealing effect still intact after picking up the food and bonding the sealing position again, so as to achieve effective moisture-proof

the researchers found that the self-adhesive rewinding and labeling method can not only effectively damp the biscuit food packaged in plastic and prolong the food storage time, but also bring great convenience in daily life. For example, when we choose the self-adhesive sealed soft packaged food to eat on the way of hiking, on the car, on the train and in the process of mountaineering, the rest of the food can continue to be bonded and sealed without external forces such as clamps and rubber bands, which is easy to carry

in May this year, Kunshan oupei packaging equipment Co., Ltd. developed a new packaging machinery rewinding and labeling machine, realizing the new concept of moisture-proof for soft packaged food. Food manufacturers do not need to change the original packaging process, but only need to add a procedure to the original production process, that is, punch a round hole in the color printed plastic film and stick a sticker on the position of the round hole. This simple and effective method can solve the moisture-proof problem of food after use

the traditional moisture-proof method for soft packaged food is to adopt a chain clamp seal, that is, a chain clamp seal is also set inside the plastic bag. After people tear open the outer layer of plastic, there is a chain clamp layer. After the chain clamp layer is opened, it can be closed. In this way, the share of biomedical materials will meet the pharmaceutical market to prevent moisture and preserve food quality. However, compared with it, the self-adhesive sealing packaging method has more advantages

flexible packaging adhesive moisture-proof packaging does not need to change the product production process, and food manufacturers can continue to use the original pillow packaging machine or vertical packaging machine. For the chain clamp moisture-proof packaging, it needs to spend 3~6 times of RMB on the original mechanical cost to buy the bag packaging machine, which is expensive and takes up plant space. In addition, the bag feeding packaging machine also has a fatal disadvantage in production speed. According to the size of packages, the production capacity is generally 10~20 PCs, while the production speed of pillow packaging machine can reach 30~100 PCs. In terms of raw materials, the price of self-adhesive is slightly higher than that of chain clip bags. However, Zong also has excellent waterproof performance, which is dwarfed by the two

some people will doubt that the self-adhesive sealing will affect the shelf life of the product? Can colloid produce chemical composition to pollute food? On these two points, the technicians of Zhengwei company, a self-adhesive supporting manufacturer, said that the self-adhesive moisture-proof packaging uses food grade colloid, which will not affect the quality of products. In addition, the colloid has also made a technological breakthrough in temperature adaptation, which can adapt to high and low temperature storage and transportation at the same time, and will not affect the normal shelf life of the product

integrating many advantages, relevant experts predict that in the field of flexible packaging, self-adhesive moisture-proof packaging is ready to go. We can not just look at the bag materials and become a new generation of trendsetters

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