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Shanying paper's main business volume and price rose in August, and the monthly business data disclosure will be normalized. Release date: Source: Securities Times on the evening of September 10, Shanying paper disclosed the business data express of August 2020, and its main businesses showed a good development trend of volume and price rising. According to the express report, Shanying paper has invested about 600000 yuan in the new plastic pipe laboratory. 8 after adding pads, tighten the screws. Therefore, the reliability, safety and maintainability of the device, especially the reliability, safety and maintainability of all systems including the monitored and controlled system, are particularly important. The sales volume of the domestic paper sector reached 467800 tons, a year-on-year increase of 17.6%, and the average sales price increased by 8.18% year-on-year; The sales volume of the packaging sector reached 137million square meters, an increase of 15.95% over the same period, and the average sales price increased by 1.01% year-on-year

Shanying paper said that the growth of paper sales was mainly due to the release of production capacity and the increase of industry prosperity. According to the semi annual report data, the central China base of the company will be basically completed this year, and the domestic paper production capacity will increase to 6million tons/year. At present, the two paper machine lines Pm21 and pm22 in Central China base have been officially put into operation, with a total annual design capacity of 800000 tons and a total monthly output of about 70000 tons; After Pm23 is put into operation at the end of the third quarter of this year, the company's production capacity will be further improved

in the packaging sector, the cumulative sales volume of Shanying paper this year increased by 4.22% compared with the same period, mainly because it continued to give full play to the advantages of the integrated industrial chain of paper and packaging, provided integrated packaging services for customers in the post epidemic era, and expanded its market share

it is worth mentioning that after the domestic epidemic gradually stabilized in the second quarter, the whole industry of industrial packaging paper raised prices for many times. Since August, the industry has entered the traditional peak season, and the prosperity has continued to rise, pushing up the sales and prices of Shanying paper products. In recent years, the company has continued to build advanced production capacity in key economic regions, realizing the accumulation in the post epidemic era

in the monthly operating data express, Shanying paper said that this disclosure is voluntary, and the company will continue to disclose monthly operating data, which will further enhance the transparency of the enterprise and enhance the benign interaction between the company and the capital output standardized reporting market and industry

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