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In the era of intelligent cloud, how can enterprises go to the cloud in the right posture

at the Tencent cloud + future Summit on June 21, Tencent cloud released its strategic product intelligent cloud, and put forward the AI as a service strategy for the first time, promoting emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence to reduce 100000 tree benefit industries in the form of cloud services

Tencent cloud actively cultivates and supports smart cloud ecosystem

Tencent cloud released a series of cultivation and support plans for smart cloud this time

in terms of ecology, Tencent cloud and Tencent open platform jointly launched the AI accelerator project to provide small and medium-sized and entrepreneurial enterprises with incubation resources integrating AI technology, top mentors, industrial resources, investment docking, market resources and other five resources

at the same time, Tencent cloud released the laboratory, reducing the threshold for developers to go to the cloud and use AI technology. Provide developers with closed-loop services from learning tools, experimental content to experience sharing. Developers can get a one-stop immersive learning environment. They can get the experimental machine for free by scanning the code, and directly use the real environment as the experimental basis. You can also use your own machine to participate in the experiment, and support to retain the experimental results after the experiment is completed

Tencent cloud has also introduced the service mode of community + laboratory, allowing developers to ask questions or share experience tutorials in the technical community to help more developers solve problems. At present, Tencent cloud officials have opened the application of the laboratory

Tencent cloud's cloud + entrepreneurship plan was upgraded and released to further enhance support for start-ups. The cloud + entrepreneurship plan is an entrepreneurship support plan launched by Tencent cloud's joint investment institutions, incubators and industrial parks. Entrepreneurs who join the support plan can obtain various high-quality resources from Tencent, from capital to flow, from training to consulting

the internal part of the sensor is generally resistance strain gauge support plan, which is divided into take-off plan and take-off plan. The take-off plan will provide 200 enterprises with support resource packages of up to 220000 each; Tengfei plans to provide 100 enterprises with support resource packages of up to 800000 each, further reducing the threshold for entrepreneurs to access the smart cloud

which enterprises are accessing the smart cloud

the first batch of smart cloud users include SF, mobike, Didi, Chang'an Automobile and other enterprises

SF applies OCR technology of intelligent cloud, which can quickly recognize handwritten express orders, and 20million pieces can be recognized in three hours. Previously, 8000 employees were required to manually input handwritten Chinese waybills. Tian min, CTO of SF group and CEO of SF technology, said that the cloud can help logistics enterprises to complete the intellectualization and generate loads with ease and effort; At the same time, the return oil of the working cylinder will flow into the force measuring cylinder for transformation

mobike's daily travel scheduling of 25million + is the scheduling of Tencent intelligent cloud. Mobike has built a perfect two-way communication platform between cloud and vehicle smart lock through Tencent cloud, which completes the two-way synchronization of code scanning unlocking, car locking, billing, bicycle status, attributes, location and other information, laying the foundation for more riding application scenarios in the future

didi intelligently matches the transactions between drivers and users through big data analysis. Didi's matching transaction is based on the recommendation algorithm, and the accuracy directly determines the matching efficiency. Before recommending an order to a driver, predict the degree of interest in the order combined with the data characteristics of the driver. Didi's subsidy for passengers is also the result of the analysis of passengers' travel data

Chang'an Automobile joined hands with Tencent cloud to build Chang'an Auchan A800 into the first smart mobile terminal of Chinese automobile brand. Including location, social networking, entertainment, payment and other car service in the car scene

Li Bin, founder and chairman of Weilai automobile, even believes that Tencent cloud is already the world's largest cloud based intelligent transportation support platform, which will produce more chemical reactions. He also said that only reliable cloud services can turn cars into information and data collection tools, and then form an upgrade cycle through in-depth learning, bringing safe and reliable automatic driving and intelligent cars

in addition, the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department is concerned about your anti loss platform. Using face recognition technology, 124 missing people have been recovered in just two and a half months; More than 40 courts across the country are willing to pilot the application of intelligent cloud to create a new situation in the cause of polyurethane insulation materials in China, and use intelligent voice, intelligent algorithm, visualization, face core and other services in court trials to create a smart court. The global children's network protection action uses the Yellow identification ability of the smart cloud, and the recognition accuracy of yellow related pictures and videos is more than 99%, shielding inappropriate content, so as to realize the protection of children on the network

application of smart cloud in court trials

enterprises use smart cloud single or multiple AI services, or visual AI, or auditory AI, to sprout vitality innovations in key business processes and business models

Ma Huateng said at the meeting that the current cloud service is only the initial stage of the cloud, as if computers had not appeared in the power age. He predicted that computers will eventually appear in the power age, and artificial intelligence is expected to become a key product like computers in the cloud age. With computers, search, e-commerce, games, live broadcasting and other new forms of industry transformational commerce have been generated on computers, completely changing the original business

using intelligent cloud, the real world is connected with the virtual world, and robots and more devices have the same visual, auditory and voice processing capabilities as people, which means that the way of interaction and communication with the world will be completely reshaped, people's consumption scenarios will change, and traditional businesses will be completely subverted

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