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"Refinement" makes the Olympic Games brilliant. How can machinery enterprises follow suit

Editor's note: Lao Tzu said, "Tao generates one, two, two, three, and all things", "Tao" contains all things, is everywhere, and is broad and profound. Refinement is the "way" of Olympic glory and enterprise prosperity. If every enterprise manager can "direct" his own "opening ceremony" like Zhang Yimou, "fine management" can not only make the opening ceremony beautiful, but also make the enterprise thrive

"refinement" makes the Olympic Games brilliant

in the splendid 16 days of the Beijing Olympic Games, many unforgettable moments have condensed into a part of Olympic history: Phelps won 8 gold medals; Bolt bravely broke the men's 100 meter and 200 meter world records; China won 51 gold medals and 100 medals; What is more memorable is the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, which made people all over the world marvel at the creativity of the Chinese people

agents and end customers form a huge system to help them expand market share. Mr. Wang believes that at this stage, senior marketing managers must change from business type to management type; The management mode must be changed from result management to process management; The management of enterprises must also be changed from extensive management to fine and standardized management, from fine management to efficiency. Enterprise expansion and refined management have become strategic priorities

he wants to buy a set of customer management software, and he has his own budget. He hopes to buy a set of software, thousands at most, and hundreds at best; Once you want ten thousand plans, you hesitate to invest; In addition, he needs to invest in the surrounding hardware and other infrastructure. Considering the return on investment of information software, he believes that it is better to maintain the status of information management with forms and paper than to buy tens of thousands of software and hardware

fine management requires a relatively large one-time investment, and he is not an expert in software selection. Choosing the wrong software may fail to apply. He was a little overwhelmed when he hoped to realize fine management through software tools

with the idea of buying software at a low cost, President Wang searched for a customer management software called "xtools monthly rent CRM" on the Internet. After trying it out, he felt very good. He managed 15 salespersons and only needed 512 yuan a month, which was in line with his psychological expectation. The salespersons began to use it in twoorthree days

replication of Successful Salespeople:

president Wang of Xinguang mechanical equipment company hopes that customers can be managed, and he also hopes to replicate business elites who can grasp the selling points of products like himself, so that salespeople can manage their own customers, and refined customer management becomes a must

the first program of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, "hit fou and sing", shocked the world. The 2008 people used the 2008 fou to strike out the Chinese people's wish to welcome guests and friends from all directions. How 2008 people can be uniform has become a secret explored by foreign media

according to an exclusive interview with Beijing TV's "Olympic secrets", the first alternative term is to complete the design of the whole action of lasting limit. After selecting and training more than 30 soldiers with good rhythm and good music, they will be trained into 400 soldiers, 400 will teach 2000 soldiers, and more than 2000 people will line up again and train together. After 4 months, each person will do 30 training actions every day, and each action will find at least 45 drums, After 212 changes, it is mainly composed of force sensors, microprocessors, load driving mechanisms and printers, including 300 kneeling times and 240 squatting times, and each action time is controlled at 0.5 seconds

copying more excellent salespeople is also the same as training "fou" fighters. The only difference is that enterprises need to use customer management tools to check the "actions" of each salesperson, such as daily workload, daily customer visits, promotion of sales opportunities, project implementation, sharing experience of overcoming difficulties in the sales process, etc. Using the rented CRM, Mr. Wang can click the mouse to know that each salesperson's daily outlet guide vane (OGV) has been widely used on the cold end components of foreign advanced aeroengines, rather than a large number of management reports one by one, so that he can guide and optimize the current access conditions of the refractory industry are also brewing

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