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Hot differentiated competition led screen enterprises how to obtain this "green card"

Abstract: in recent years, the market competition in the field of LED display product segmentation is hot. Obviously, most LED display enterprises have peeped into the mainstream direction of the market. Only by playing the differentiated competition game can they occupy a place in the cruel market competition

today's LED display screen market has developed to a relatively mature stage. In order to enhance market competitiveness, enterprises. The technological innovation of products and whether enterprises can master the core data independently are still the problems that perplex the work focus of major screen enterprises. Whether in terms of product characteristics, marketing strategy, service level, technical level and other aspects, competitors do not have it for the time being. Only by maintaining this favorable position, can enterprises take the lead in the competition. However, the purpose of differentiated competition is to make consumers feel that the products or services of LED display enterprises are superior to those of other manufacturers. Differentiation can be achieved through packaging, marketing activities and product after-sales support. For most LED display enterprises, they usually develop their own products or services according to a specific demand of consumers in order to stand out in the market competition

conventional products have entered an impasse. Differentiation is the "broad road"

in recent years, the market competition in the field of LED display product segmentation is hot. Obviously, most LED display enterprises have peeped into the mainstream direction of the market. Only by playing the differentiated competition game can they occupy a place in the cruel market competition. At present, conventional LED display products are becoming increasingly homogeneous and have no competitive advantage. Most LED display enterprises have to embark on the "no return road" of "small profits but quick turnover", and it is ultimately a "dead cycle" not to fundamentally solve the problems of product quality and technological innovation. In addition to constantly squeezing production costs and labor, enterprises can only bear the painful outcome of the industry reshuffle. Without fresh blood, enterprises can only be responsible for their own profits and losses, and even face the risk of bankruptcy. At this time, product differentiation is significantly equivalent to saving more than 50 million tons of crude oil, which is particularly prominent, and it is urgent to take the route of subdividing the field

however, some small and medium-sized LED display enterprises mainly focus on conventional display products all year round. Although they have been aware of market changes, they cannot afford such a large transformation for a time. Faced with a series of factors such as the burden of personnel costs of the whole enterprise, the depreciation rate of equipment, and the pressure of factory rent, all daily consumption is related to the survival crisis for small and medium-sized enterprises. If an enterprise wants to succeed, it must make corresponding changes. Standing still can only be said to be a setback. The so-called "small ship makes a good turn", and there is a voice in the industry that "subdividing the field" is the king. For example, xinyiguang, which has made great achievements in the field of intelligent LED interactive tile screen, has gone more and more smoothly and steadily on the differentiation route. Its characteristic products have an increasingly wide market share, which is a typical example of successful transformation

At present, many other industries have targeted the wireless prospect of the "cake" of the LED display industry and have also begun to enter the LED industry, which has caused serious overcapacity and led to the deterioration of the market competition environment with outstanding flame retardancy. Facing the intensification of market competition, many LED display manufacturers have to seek a new way out. The hot led small spacing is gradually developing to the field of "ultra small spacing"; Samsung recently launched the world's first LED movie screen, which can achieve HDR visual effects; The huge LED ceiling in the business center is gorgeous and has excellent visual effect; Intelligent interactive LED display, combined with VR, AR and other virtual technologies, "human screen interaction" has a full sense of experience. It is not difficult to see from the above that led creative display will become the mainstream development trend in the future technology led market and break through the siege of fierce competition

it must be mentioned that the application of LED creative display screens in large-scale performances, shows and other places is also an indispensable finishing touch. Through the LED creative display screen to create a space artistic effect, the dreamy artistic conception is presented in front of the audience, and it also attracts the attention of many digital dance artists, which shows us that the application space of LED creative display screen in the field of digital dance is extremely broad. Especially in response to the development needs of modern society, stage art urgently needs to break through the traditional stage style and move towards a larger living space. It is more urgent to fully show high-tech factors. Once involved in the art territory, it will greatly change the audience's regular appreciation habits, expand the space for art display, and adjust people's aesthetic values. The emergence of LED creative display screen meets the current demand of digital dance beauty for the realization of virtual and real visual space

only "hard and soft" can win the "green card" of differentiated competition.

facing the current market environment, LED display enterprises can only win a development space in the future market dominated by differentiation if they have strong innovation ability in both hard technology improvement and soft technology development. In terms of hard technology, LED display enterprises can update obsolete equipment, improve the working environment, adjust the business structure, and reasonably optimize the allocation and utilization of resources Only innovation can make the enterprise products constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, and ensure the normal and orderly operation of the sound social medical security system of the enterprise; In terms of the development and application of soft technology, improving the operation and management mode, ensuring the efficient operation of the enterprise, and taking the lead in technology to differentiate the competitive advantage also make it difficult for competitors to imitate and compare, improve product quality, and produce products with special 107 fine stoneware brick colors, making it difficult for peers to compete. Compared with competitors, only with unique creative solutions can we have the adaptability and adaptability to the market, and it is also an important aspect of maintaining enterprise differentiation

the emergence of creative display is accidental and inevitable. The differentiation space of conventional LED display screen products is getting smaller and smaller. Some enterprises with advantages in product design and control technology have broken away from the simple price fight and focused on providing customers with creative displays with higher technical content, so as to obtain higher profits. On the one hand, it can not only alleviate the boring display effect and disciplined manufacturing process of LED display products, but also meet the needs of more consumers, provide all-round services to meet the needs of different customers, and produce creative LED display products that better meet the needs of customers

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