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Huichang communication: how can enterprises set sail when the era of live streaming comes

2019, the online live broadcast is undoubtedly the main battlefield of enterprise marketing. The iron content in molten aluminum of Chalco Shanxi new materials Co., Ltd. will drop to less than 0.1% on average in various new product launches, press conferences and customer training meetings. Its strong sense of on-site experience and interaction is becoming more and more popular with business owners. Webcast is undoubtedly the most abundant and powerful way of expression at present. Many people in the industry are also more optimistic about the prospect of webcast, believing that in the future, every enterprise may have an exclusive webcast room to solve the traffic problem in enterprise marketing

however, many online live broadcasting platforms on the market are designed for personal entertainment, which is different from the actual needs of enterprise users. Enterprise live broadcasting needs higher technical support and more comprehensive solutions

grasp the live broadcast dividend to create an enterprise exclusive live broadcast platform

due to different enterprise events, the live broadcast scenes required are also different. Therefore, an exclusive live broadcast platform owned and controlled by enterprises has become the basic guarantee to grasp the live broadcast dividend. Based on this, Huichang communication has created a world leading cloud live broadcast interactive platform for enterprise users, making high-standard online live broadcast activities possible

Huichang communication cloud live broadcast platform can customize the customer exclusive system according to the specific needs of customers, so that marketing activities can also present more diversified forms and achieve better communication effects

self service live broadcast and professional live broadcast, dual service mode. Self service live broadcasting, users can start live broadcasting anytime and anywhere through the desktop or live broadcasting tools. Professional live broadcast. The platform provides standardized services from photography collection, software and hardware coding, broadcasting control, transmission and distribution, monitoring data and other links

fully diversified interaction, enabling rapid transmission. Huichang cloud live broadcast platform provides functions such as end-to-end sharing and interaction, official account embedding, one click microblogging and official and H5 page embedding, and supports synchronous streaming to Tencent video, Youku Tudou and other third-party video stations to achieve full interactive participation

full control, professional production and guarantee. Huichang has powerful cloud live console, cloud guide Station, intelligent voice real-time subtitles, green screen matting and other industry-leading technologies, and the cloud server can dynamically expand the capacity to achieve unlimited viewing

customize services to create enterprise exclusive channels. Through the cloud live broadcast platform of Huichang communication, enterprises can customize domain names, product brands, open interfaces, and create private TV stations exclusive to enterprises at low cost

this solution, which is highly in line with the development prospect of enterprise live broadcasting, has been well received in practical applications. Since 2013, Huichang communication has been serving the full connection conference, which is a global ecological Conference for the ICT industry. Every year, more than tens of thousands of industry elites gather together to meet the intelligent society and work together for the development of the industry. Huichang communication has conducted a full HD live broadcast of the conference for six consecutive years, and the whole process has been broadcast synchronously in China, the UK and abroad. From the design of live broadcast interface and the customization and development of functions to the distribution of content, from information dissemination to interactive experience, it maximizes the value of cloud live broadcast, saves participants' time and participation costs, and meets customers' communication and interaction needs

mature cloud platform services are highly operable to meet the needs of enterprises in different depths

there are many models in the market

enterprise live broadcasting is not only limited to meeting the basic needs of brand publicity and market promotion, but also needs to meet the deeper needs of customer management, internal training and so on. Therefore, this also puts forward higher requirements for the service of a live broadcasting platform

Huichang communication has 13 years of mature platform service experience, adheres to independent innovation, and is committed to meeting the needs of enterprises in different depths. Especially with the development trend of cloud technology in recent years, Huichang communication network live broadcast platform also has a unique cloud color

diversified video acquisition schemes. It covers single/multi stand professional camera scheme, mobile editing scheme, first perspective, UAV scheme, PC desktop live editing scheme, streaming/recording to live broadcast scheme, and cloud guide station combined live broadcast scheme, so as to restore the live broadcast scene from all perspectives and cut it freely

video cloud on demand, cloud management technology. Support real-time video storage cloud media library, which is convenient for review and on-demand access; External video can be uploaded and embedded into channel on demand; Support video editing, merging and automatic encoding

in addition, in order to meet the market demand for high-performance materials, business owners can also conduct real-time data analysis, such as the geographical distribution of viewing users, viewing methods, viewing equipment, viewing sources, number of viewers, etc., and can also maintain and manage users. All these show that live broadcasting is no longer a simple communication medium, but has risen to be closely related to enterprise decision-making and brand building

in the era of Internet assisted enterprise marketing traffic, the huge blue ocean market has made all walks of life smell the opportunity, seize the live broadcast dividend and occupy the highland of the industry. Huichang communication cloud live broadcast platform, with its mature service level and leading technical support, helps enterprises successfully establish an exclusive live broadcast interactive platform, grasp the dividends of the live broadcast era, and realize the gorgeous transformation under the new opportunities

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