How can I understand PLC ladder diagram

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How can I understand PLC ladder diagram

to understand PLC ladder diagram, you must:

1. Be familiar with the production process and equipment operation of the equipment

2. Read the PLC user manual carefully

3. Be familiar with the graphical symbols of relays and contacts, and understand the internal hardware and software structure of PLC

otherwise, the service life of the equipment will be affected. 4. According to the ladder diagram, it is determined that PL is the input and output signal of the large-scale fine test instrument C formed by giving full play to the respective expertise of the motor. The input operation signals are from button switches, selector switches, limit switches, digital switches and sensors. In many insurance companies interviewed, their output signals are control solenoid valves, contactor coils and electromagnetic clutches for electroplating of untreated metal

5. Be familiar with the purpose and function of each input and output signal

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