How can dealers embrace the Internet when they are

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Forced into a corner, how can dealers embrace Internet

how can dealers embrace the Internet when they are forced into a corner

March 31, 2015

[China paint information] Internet anxiety, or mobile Internet anxiety, is the most important problem faced by many dealers at present

dealers used to be the main channel from products to terminals and users, which contributed to the growth and prosperity of dealer groups and played an indispensable role in the rapid development of China's commercial economy

however, since most dealers are simply changing hands and cannot participate in the design of the manufacturer's distribution model, they will be very passive in every iterative change of the marketing model, especially when Internet marketing and mobile Internet are surging and gradually become the mainstream, this kind of marketing that breaks through the space and geographical restrictions has rapidly weakened the advantages of traditional dealers

a large number of enterprise brands bypass the agency level and directly enter the B2C platform to become their own direct selling network and platform. As middlemen of distribution trade, when their last enterprise directly puts their products in front of consumers, they have no price advantage at all, the offline flow of people is decreasing, and the business cost is rising day by day. Taking Haier as an example, the Haier industry and trade platform was abolished, and many small and micro companies were established. Factories directly connected with small and micro companies, reducing intermediate links and reducing docking costs, so that the original traditional dealers were no longer popular

if this situation continues to develop, dealers will not make strategic adjustments. In the competition between buyers and the chess game between dealers and manufacturers, dealers will inevitably be continuously eliminated

it can be said that the Internet is constantly invading, the mobile Internet is constantly replacing, and the general environment has become worse. Do thousands of dealers have any survival value? What is their future competitiveness


Internet marketing allows enterprises' products and information to face users directly, cuts down intermediate links, puts dealers in an embarrassing situation, and seriously erodes sales and profits. In order to reverse the situation, as a traditional dealer, we should first understand what the upstream enterprises want to do but are unable to do, and then tap our potential and concentrate on making efforts to achieve the ultimate. This not only helps the upstream manufacturers to develop and maintain the market, but also lays the foundation for their own enterprises to develop, so that they can firmly control the voice of the channel

dealers can be transformed into logistics providers

traditional dealers must wedge into the link of Internet marketing to stand firmly in the tide of Internet. In this case, dealers should connect with the e-commerce of upstream enterprises and become a fixed horizontal base sub business logistics provider installed on the electric column of upstream enterprises, so as to give full play to their logistics advantages and transform their functions from dealers to logistics providers

for example, the current stores are gradually transferring to the tertiary and tertiary markets. As an upstream enterprise, it needs to synchronize logistics and display to these markets. The sample materials are divided into metal and non-metal, which requires huge manpower and capital. While regional dealers are regional brand agents, they have the advantages of manpower and logistics, which can replace all functions of regional chain stores such as manufacturers and be responsible for the real-time logistics of all products, Let the manufacturer worry free

establish their own e-commerce platform

the feature of Internet breaking through distance has led to traditional dealers being slowly abandoned on the edge of the market. At this time, dealers should make full use of the advantages of many upstream brands gathered, improve the channel structure of e-commerce, and establish their own internet marketing system, so that they can face users more conveniently and synchronize their business model with the market

in this regard, dealers can gradually try o2o, a new channel, as a supplement to traditional channels. First, take advantage of the advantageous resources of industry leaders to carry out platform operation, such as through in-depth cooperation with industry-leading enterprises such as Taobao and Tencent, and use their huge traffic resources to accumulate experience and consumers. At the same time, it is also a better way to improve their brand awareness. Second, the products operated by o2o should be subdivided. Dealers need to have a very clear product portfolio strategy. They can set up some products to attract traffic and cultivate users. They can set up some high-end products to achieve profitability, and set up some special products to meet specific consumer needs; Third, if dealers establish their own e-commerce system, there will be regional conflicts with upstream manufacturers, such as product and price conflicts. To solve this problem, dealers can only carry out online sales on a commission basis for their own regional markets in the design of e-commerce, so as to achieve online and offline non derailment and non fleeing goods

being a leader in the field of segmentation

it is impossible to do all businesses in business, and the same is true in dealer business. Why work hard to engage in price war and promotion war? The most important thing is to do what you are best at. If you do the best in a certain field, you will succeed

the author knows a dealer whose area is a large breeding County, and is also the battleground of various veterinary medicine and feed manufacturers. The competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Many dealers are surviving in this industry, and their confidence is getting smaller and smaller. Unlike the sales of daily necessities, the sales of veterinary drugs and feeds have certain technical content and risks, so technical support and after-sales service cannot be lacking. The dealer was not discouraged. He turned his attention to the special farmers in the region and surrounding areas. After a year of trial and error, he was familiar with the local breeding environment and disease prevalence, mastered the knowledge of breeding management and disease prevention and control, established a technical service station, specially helped some manufacturers provide grassroots technical guidance and after-sales service, and established a breeding public platform, Set up the signboard of "breeding" Benz "will adopt PC lamp cover nanny" in this area. As a result, the feed dealer stood out and his business was booming. This is a great enlightenment for our dealers. If you are both a retail expert, a "technical expert" and a "service nanny", why don't you be popular

from porters to small platforms and centers

in the past, dealers were not a platform, but organized and operated according to the needs of upstream enterprises. However, this traditional enterprise organization has fallen behind and is not in line with the service needs of the Internet era with rapid development. Small platforms came into being. What are the attributes of a small platform? We have independent marketing centers, service centers, and communication centers, through which we can establish in-depth relationships with consumers and customers. Products are built around consumers and customers, and around responsible regions, so as to transform from porters to small platforms and centers, and fundamentally improve the quality of dealers. With the advent of the era of we media, we media is a brand, and the personal information of dealers is a brand. Dealers are bound to become regional small brands and marketing small operation platforms, which also raises the requirements for dealers. They are required to build their own teams, play their own signs, provide professional services, do a good job in experience services, form a brand and word-of-mouth, and build their own all-round high-quality small platforms and centers, so that customers Consumers feel like they are at home

when e-commerce is like a "monster", impacting offline business, eroding market share and forcing itself into a corner, dealers must have the courage to die and survive. Thinking determines the way out. In the face of the new market pattern, those who are good at planning will survive and innovate. 2 The comparison is applicable to those who weigh the anti scratch function of gear oil under extreme pressure! As a small and medium-sized dealer, we must break the traditional dealer model, constantly innovate, operate flexibly with small and broad marketing models, and diversify sales channels to complement each other, so as to stand out in the fierce market competition and remain invincible

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