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In the first half of 2020, anbaituo's eight new products achieved new sales breakthroughs

in the first half of 2020, anbaituo's eight new products achieved new sales breakthroughs

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2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year! Great changes have taken place in the world, and the difficult mode has been opened. Although anbaituo experienced a brief slowdown in its business at the beginning of the year due to the COVID-19, through an accurate grasp of the development trend of the industry, we boldly promoted the future vision of digitalization and automation, and increased the promotion of new products and new fields in line with the market situation

now, more than half of the 2020 race schedule, 8 new products have been put on the market, and good news has been reported frequently. The first equipment has successfully achieved sales by switching contactors

new breakthroughs of anbaituo's eight new products

1 Certiq equipment remote information monitoring system

anbaituo certiq is a remote information processing solution that can collect, transmit and analyze when the sensor is under the effect of tension P. Professional data analysis reports can help customers understand the use of equipment, improve the utilization rate of equipment, and reduce enterprise operating costs. Anbaituo China's first certiq is configured on the underground rock drilling trolley and applied to the field of underground mining, successfully helping customers solve the difficult and inaccurate problems of drilling data statistics

2. Diamec smart 8 full hydraulic intelligent core drill

as a coring drill with kilometer level horizontal drilling ability, anbaituo diamec smart 8 is equipped with advanced drill control system with high automation level, which can drill and sample safely, efficiently and flexibly. Its excellent performance has won high recognition from users, and has created a new record of deep hole drilling speed in the construction of a well-known railway project

3. Boomer S2 C computer version rock drilling jumbo

Boomer S2 small double arm rock drilling jumbo is suitable for underground mine development and small tunnel construction, and Boomer S2 C is the version configured with computer control system, which can greatly improve its automation level. The successful promotion of anbaituo's first mining computer version rock drilling trolley in China will accelerate the opening of a new era of automation in the domestic mining field

4. Dm45 blast hole drill equipped with RCS Lite navigation version

the powerful anbaituo RCS Lite intelligent drill control system adopts a modular solution, which can provide extended functions for the drill, such as automatic navigation, automatic leveling, lithology analysis, etc., so that its operation is more efficient, and there is no need to make major modifications to the drill. The first dm45 drill equipped with RCS Lite navigation version has been successfully applied in open-pit mines and has become a model of intelligent application in domestic mines

5. Flexiroc T20 r multi-function remote control open-air drill

the compact, flexible and efficient flexiroc T20 r drill is very suitable for applications such as ditch excavation, foundation drilling and underground operations. The first rig of this type was applied to real estate building foundation excavation and slope support for the first time, successfully replacing the traditional pneumatic drill operation mode. It is of great significance to improve the excavation efficiency of foundation pits of various houses in the construction field and promote the upgrading of operation equipment

6. Boomer XL3 d three arm rock drilling jumbo simulator

anbaituo has a full range of open-air and underground equipment simulators. The first Boomer XL3 D rock drilling jumbo simulator was successfully used in the construction tunnel market in the form of leasing, and the high-level simulation operation mode was used to help customers train operators more economically. Anbaituo simulator is designed and built according to real equipment. All programs and control devices are real machine parts, which can let you experience the real feeling of using anbaituo equipment

in addition, the first Boomer E2 C two arm rock drilling jumbo simulator of anbaituo has also been successfully delivered to an engineering school in Guiyang to help cultivate talents in the field of mining and construction

7. Silent demolition accessories hydraulic scrap shears and suction cups

anbaituo China's first set of hydraulic scrap shears suction cup combination has been successfully applied to the construction demolition and recycling industry. This combination realizes the construction 3. The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should adhere to the local recycling of clean metal structure component scrap, so as to quickly dismantle and ship, which is efficient and worry-saving. At the same time, it effectively avoids the difficulty of project approval and other construction risks caused by the traditional construction method of "flame cutting", and greatly improves the efficiency and safety of building demolition

in addition, anbaituo scrap shears and "integrated full hydraulic suction cups" can realize rapid and automatic switching on the same excavator, which not only eliminates the need to erect electric suction cup wires, but also further improves the utilization rate of excavator equipment, which is economical and comprehensive

8. Longitudinal high torque milling and excavating machine

the first longitudinal high torque milling and excavating machine in China has been successfully used in steel mills in new fields. In steel plants, traditionally, milling excavators rely on the rotary drilling method of the large arm of the furnace dismantling machine. After using anbaituo milling excavators, direct drilling can be adopted to help users improve efficiency and reduce the cost of consumables

the second half of 2020 has begun. Anbaituo will continue to increase the launch of new products, expand new fields, promote the implementation of the world's advanced digital and automation solutions in China, and continue to help domestic customers improve productivity and benefit from it

willing to ride the long wind and break the waves

in the second half of 2020, together with anbaituo


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