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Under the epidemic situation, how can automation enterprises safely and effectively start market activities

this war epidemic has become a huge test that everyone must face. At present, the focus of the work proposed by the state is to prevent and control the epidemic and resume production on the one hand. However, the epidemic has had a great impact on all walks of life in China. The intuitive impact of industrial control automation enterprises is that industry exhibitions, offline activities and conferences are suspended or postponed, disrupting the original orderly market plan

how to adjust the market strategy in the current epidemic

offline market 1. Under normal use conditions, the validity period of the indication error verification of the fatigue testing machine once is 1 year, and the activity is far away. How can online promotion be supplemented

how can we work effectively and safely after gradually returning to work

in recent days, we have received such consultation and feedback from marketing personnel of many automation enterprises

it is also noted that Siemens, abb transmission, KUKA, Schneider Electric, Huichuan, Advantech, yingweiteng, Yakong, Fanyi and other enterprises have all set their sights on online training activities and have launched online training. Earlier, the technical success training has been started for eight consecutive days. HPM has also done a lot of work in the electronic and electrical industry. The 24-hour automation courses are broadcast in the Spring Festival, and each live broadcast course has attracted 1000 + students. Education is no longer exclusive to K12, but has entered our industry. You can also add experimental methods according to the needs of users

in fact, all parties involved in online seminars and training sessions have their own demands:

the participants, users and audience, hope to get dry goods, learn new things, communicate with peers, and pay attention to experience and effect

lecturers are mostly from various product business departments. These engineers are concerned about how to better organize courseware lectures and better show their products to users

the marketing department is more concerned about how to promote the brand, promote products, obtain users and complete some KPIs in the annual plan through online training and discussion activities. Therefore, it is not easy for many enterprises to start classes quickly

however, we can just help you. We are also willing to do something together in this extraordinary period

In the face of the pandemic, many automation enterprises have extended a helping hand to overcome difficulties. Therefore, we decided that the joint technical success training will open:

live classroom service

to enterprises for free

together with industrial control automation enterprises, waiting for spring

live classroom account free application opening

one-on-one guidance

in live classroom, you can do these:

you can import ppt with marking brush mode

you can import video playback

if the engineer is not good at live broadcast, you can record in advance (not recommended)

you can share the screen, Suitable for demonstration software operation, etc.

the camera can be used to display the lecturer's Avatar

the demonstration effect of automatic equipment can be displayed with an external camera or a special camera

multiple choice questions can be set, etc. interactive real-time viewing result feedback can be thrown on the scene

the lecturer can answer in real time or arrange the teaching assistant engineer to answer the questions in the chat area

viewing permissions can be set (public, login viewing or designated authorization)

the live broadcast can be directly transferred to playback Download and playback videos as enterprise promotion and teaching materials

platform to help plan course courseware and teaching process, and help engineers better convert into good lecturers

end effect drawing

PC end effect drawing

you only need to prepare:

operating system: win7 or above

graphics card: general notebook integrated graphics card, It is recommended to have an independent 2G graphics card or above

cpu:i5 or above

memory: 4G or above

bandwidth: the uplink speed should be at least 2m, and the normal 10m

sound: it is recommended to use a headset, which can meet the requirements under 100 yuan

camera: you can use a built-in camera to take a picture of a lecturer or a high-definition external camera Camera shooting demo and other

it doesn't matter if you can't operate

add the following QR code for one-on-one guidance ▼:

one-on-one guidance

we are very happy to share our experience of pressing the bottom of the box with you and discuss how to select topics, plan, promote and transform

professional teams do professional things! Zhonghua industrial control has 19 years of professional services, 150w+ automation technicians; The technical success training focuses on the education in the field of automation for 13 years. It has 300w+ on-the-job automation students, 500+ professional groups and professional recording studios, and comprehensively promotes the experimental machine through multimedia matrices such as, Tiktok, headlines, etc. we have factory director yuan Guang

under the epidemic, we are willing to tide over the difficulties with automation enterprises

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