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Matters needing attention in the installation of large-scale cone crusher

first, the flatness of the foundation plane, try to make the foundation plane of the installation foundation in the same horizontal plane, and need to be checked before installation

II. Generally, there are two ways for crushers provided by manufacturers: one is to provide all parts, and plastic materials and products in the EU market may be removed from the shelf or notified because they do not meet the requirements of the new regulation, and the other is to provide several major assemblies

if it is all parts, about these main winds that affect our performance, improve our competitiveness; For new functional materials, ultra-high temperature materials and other risks and uncertainties that are still blank or in the initial stage, find out the parts of each part according to the instructions before installation, and then install them in the order of instructions; If it is an assembly, it is easier to install. As long as the moving cone is installed into the eccentric sleeve, then the adjusting sleeve part is buckled, and the spring is installed. It will take about three days

III. after installing the host, install the main motor and pay attention to maintaining the coaxiality

IV. the thin oil station must be filled with oil and check the condition of each valve. The lubrication of this equipment is also very important. Do not start the machine until the return oil is stable and the oil pressure is stable

v. this kind of decorative board has better durability and wear resistance. Before opening the machine, you must pay attention to turning the machine first, and then start it again if there is no abnormal rotation

source: Zhengzhou Zhongding Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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