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Matters needing attention in choosing an engraving machine

before choosing an engraving machine, you should pay attention to the following matters:

· proofing

proofing must be carried out before purchasing an engraving machine

the buyer judges whether the soft tender of the engraving machine is suitable for your use by proofing, not according to the actual needs, including the design ability and efficiency of writing, the processing accuracy and efficiency of the equipment, the processing technology, the impact of processing noise on the environment and other factors, especially by proofing to determine whether the production efficiency can meet your expected return on investment, so as to determine whether the investment is meaningful. In addition, through proofing exchange, confirm whether the engraving machine can provide the technical services you expect

the use of engraving machine is relatively complex, which is by no means a simple "can do" can really do, which requires practical work! It also depends on whether the work is very professional

there are great differences between various CNC engraving machines, especially in the efficiency of batch processing, the maturity of processing technology, the fineness of processed products, and the ability to remedy unexpected situations in long-term processing, which will affect your market competitiveness; The more important difference is the manufacturer's ability to solve complex problems you encounter in use, which will affect your career development space

· select experienced and computer literate operators

operators are the key factors for the normal performance of the engraving machine and the establishment of close links between utilization and development for customers. The operator should have a technical secondary school degree or above, have a computer foundation, have professional experience is better, and have the ability of artistic creativity is better. Try to send more people to study, so as to ensure that there is a choice of 48%, 26%, 20% and 6% of the diseases caused by construction, design, materials and management

· carefully read the technical documents and the first copy of the contract provided by the engraving machine

please read this manual carefully before investigating the equipment and analyzing the market, which will help you understand the engraving machine correctly. Before purchase, carefully consult the contract text, which is the basis of future cooperation between both parties (equipment configuration and parameters shall be subject to the contract signed by both parties). (end)

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