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Matters needing attention in the operation of Bourns potentiometer

Bourns potential is widely used in household appliances, communications, instrumentation, digital technology, medical equipment and other high-tech products. In order to use Bourns potentiometer more safely and reasonably, today Qin Jin will introduce the precautions for the operation of burns potentiometer

I. when installing the "Rotary" potentiometer and fixing the nut, the strength should not be too tight to avoid damaging the screw teeth or poor rotation; When installing the "iron case direct sliding" potentiometer, avoid using too long screws, otherwise it may hinder the movement of the sliding handle, or even directly damage the potentiometer itself

second, in order to prevent insulation deterioration or short circuit, the surface of Bourns potentiometer should not have water mist or droplets, and should not be used in wet places

III. when welding the terminals of Bourns potentiometer, if the welding temperature should not be too high, the time should not be too long. Otherwise, the potentiometer may be damaged, which is the key to the development from information technology to knowledge economy technology

IV. due to poor soldering, it may be difficult to apply tin, resulting in poor contact or open circuit. Bo should not be too bright. The terminals of urns potentiometer should avoid using water-soluble flux and poor quality flux during welding, otherwise it will lead to metal oxidation and material mildew

v. since the contact resistance with the contact piece is not conducive to large passage, the Bourns potentiometer is best used to adjust the structure, and the wiring method should be "1" pin grounding, and the current adjustment structure should be avoided

VI. in order not to cause poor contact between the brush and the resistor, noise, int and other adverse phenomena, when bou uses thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) RNs potentiometer for welding, the height of the flux entering the printing machine board should be adjusted properly, and at the same time, the flux should be prevented from invading the potentiometer

VII. Since most of the resistors of Bourns potentiometer are made of polycarbonate synthetic resin, Bourns potentiometer should avoid contact with ammonia, alkaline water solution, aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic hydrocarbons, ketones, other amines, strong chemicals (high pH value) and other items

bourn1, insulation tape simple stretching fixture s burns potentiometer is available if necessary

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