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Precautions when using dumbbell prototype

dumbbell prototype has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and high precision. It is widely used in chemical industry, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and quality inspection departments. Pay attention to the following matters when using:

1. When not using this machine, wipe it clean and pay attention to dust prevention

2. Pay attention to safety during processing, and keep hands away from knives as far as possible, let alone contact them

3. The reverse milling tensile testing machine should be used in the processing of samples, which is mainly used for the testing and discussion of mechanical property indexes such as stopping stretching, tightening and bending of various metal, non-metal and composite materials, that is, the moving direction of the fixture should be opposite to the linear speed direction of tool rotation

4. The bearing at the lower part of the panel should be lubricated with 10 # engine oil every six months, and oil can be injected at the gap between the panel and the main shaft

5. The parts with large processing volume of the sample should be processed several times, and the processing volume during one-time movement of the fixture should not be too large

6. A vacuum cleaner of no less than 1kW is needed in processing to remove the chips (with a tubular suction head). The suction head is pressed with a clip on the table, and the suction port is facing the tangent direction of the chip

7. During processing, the moving speed of the fixture should be kept as uniform as possible and not too fast

the dumbbell prototype adopts the principle of profiling processing, and combines the mechanical transmission principle to transform the thread rotation motion into linear motion. It has the characteristics of simple, fast, convenient operation, standard sample making, stable size and so on. The relative position of the sample and the cutter can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The shape of the sample is based on the corresponding template shape. Because the simple 200kn tensile testing machine can not complete the tensile test shape control of 5kn material, the working process is not affected by the transfer of the operator. It is reused for many times, and there is no need to adjust the cutter repeatedly. It can get the sample strip that the user needs to regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the host and the oil source; It reduces the consumption of working time, improves the versatility of operation, improves work efficiency, and reduces processing costs; And a dust suction device is installed on the worktable, which provides a good working environment for the staff. Processed with standard milling cutter, the cutter is durable, and the edge of the sample is smooth and burr free. It is an ideal supporting product for electronic tensile universal testing machine and Vicat thermal deformation testing machine

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