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Matters related to curved surface printing

curved surface silk printing refers to silk printing on round shaped surfaces, such as various chemical bottles, medicine bottles, wine bottles, etc. most of them are cylindrical or nearly cylindrical surfaces (the arc surface of flat bottles belongs to cylindrical surfaces), and few of them are conical or spherical. No matter what kind of surface, there is only one principle of printing, that is, the screen printing surface should be in pure rolling motion with the plate. During rolling, the ratchet wrench at the tangent between the surface and the plate turns the falling point of the rubber scraper of the testing machine, and its extension line always points to the center of the circle. The design of curved screen printing machine is also based on this principle, which is generally driven by the gear rack. The telecontrol medium version is equivalent to a rack, and the surface is equivalent to a gear. The radius of the surface is the same as the radius of the commensurate circle of the gear. During printing, the center of the curved surface and the center of the gear are coaxially adjusted. The screen printing rack and plate move horizontally and linearly. The gear and the printing hand rotate around the concentric circle of the surface under the pull of the rack. In general, the bottle is clamped by positioning the bottle low and then tightening the bottle mouth. For round bottles, the ratio h0/d of the diameter d between the center of the bottle and the center of the circle is related to a distance. When printing circles and merging, there are two ways; One is to fix the center of the circle, the glue cannot be scraped, the bottle rotates around the center of the circle, and the version moves horizontally, which is generally used for full automation. As shown in the figure below: at present, the widely used curved screen printing machines are mostly semi-automatic machines. Because this type of machine is more suitable for some small and medium-sized enterprises, manufacturers with small batch orders, it has fast variety replacement, easy operation, and the purchase cost is lower than that of the automatic screen printing machine. However, to equip with surface treatment machine and curing machine, we need to use more workers to operate. The automatic screen printing machine, which integrates automatic feeding, flame surface treatment, screen printing and curing, has high efficiency and less labor, and is more suitable for manufacturers in large quantities. Automata can be divided into monochromatic automata and polychromatic automata. Multicolor automata are generally suitable for large-scale orders over the years. It can print two to five colors on one machine, and the fastest production efficiency is 5000P/h

the price of 323 building hall in the full-automatic screen printing machine is high, so you must choose a good model when purchasing. The functions of the full-automatic machine produced by each factory are basically the same, but the structural design is very different. High efficiency, high-speed operation, smooth delivery of bottles and accurate chromatic printing of full automata are the key to mechanical design. There are many defects in the mechanical design of the traditional screen printing machine. Let's use monochrome automata (collectively referred to as 101) to divide the boards

1. The starting angle of the bottle when moving from one station to another is small, so it is easy to touch the edge of the slot and produce deviation when moving, and then when moving to the next slot, the deviation will fall, so the transmission will be more and more biased, and the transmission will not be stable

2. The transmission mechanism is also close to the dead center iron, with large impact, and the mechanism is vulnerable and cannot run at high speed

3. The swing of the silk screen printing position also affects the accuracy of the condom

4. The adjustment mechanism is cumbersome, and the adjustment personnel do not know its principle. In order to find the correct position, it takes a lot of effort, and it requires quite skilled adjustment personnel to adjust it well. In this way, it is not troublesome for many manufacturers to recruit personnel for various types of work. Sometimes the manufacturers buy machines but cannot find staff who can adjust the machines

to solve this problem, our company produces the most stable and fast machinery. The mechanism is fully adjusted before leaving the factory. Its advantages are:

1. The iron degree of bottle delivery is 180 degrees, and the bottle rises and falls in a vertical direction at the moment, so it will not touch the slot

2. Large transmission angle, far away from dead center, small force and high speed

3. The silk screen printing mechanism is strengthened and will not swing left and right, making the overprint accurate

4. When changing varieties and tooling, there are few transfers, and there are many advantages based on drawings

in recent years, due to the progress and development of other packaging and printing processes, it has brought great impact to the curved wire printing industry (table labeling, set labeling). Therefore, some people think that curved screen printing has fallen behind, and some manufacturers also love it to a certain extent. However, we believe that the potential of curved screen printing has not been fully tapped. At the same time, new PVC wood plastic composites have been tested and dug out by the national plastic products quality supervision and inspection center a few days ago, and industry insiders need to make continuous efforts. There is a long way to go

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