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Opinions on Strengthening Energy Conservation Standardization

energy conservation standards are the basis of the national energy conservation system, an important means to improve economic quality and efficiency, promote green and low-carbon cycle development, and the second stage is 2021 (2) to build ecological civilization in 025. They are an effective support for resolving overcapacity and strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, the pace of revision of China's energy-saving standards has been significantly accelerated, and the energy-saving standard system has been basically formed, which has played an important role in implementing the energy conservation law, improving energy efficiency, and improving the level of energy management. However, the insufficient coverage of energy-saving standards, the untimely updating and the imperfect working system for the effective implementation of standards restrict the effective play of the role of energy-saving standardization, and we must vigorously strengthen the work of energy-saving standardization

the general office of the State Council recently issued the opinions on strengthening energy conservation standardization, making a comprehensive deployment for further strengthening energy conservation standardization. It is required to innovate the management mechanism of energy conservation standardization, improve the system of energy conservation standards, strengthen the implementation and supervision of energy conservation standards, effectively support national energy conservation and emission reduction and industrial structure upgrading, and better play the fundamental role of standardization in the construction of ecological civilization

the opinions put forward that the goal of energy conservation standardization is to build an energy conservation standard system with advanced indicators and in line with national conditions by 2020, to achieve full coverage of energy consumption quota standards in major high energy consuming industries, to achieve more than 80% of energy efficiency indicators to the international advanced level, and to significantly improve the internationalization level of standards. Form a working system for the effective implementation and supervision of energy-saving standards, integrate industrial policies with energy-saving standards more closely, and the supporting role of energy-saving standards in energy conservation and emission reduction and industrial structure upgrading is more significant

the opinions emphasizes the basic principles of adhering to the principle of forced access, expanding and strengthening entrepot trade and duty-free oil supply business, innovation driven and joint governance, and defines the key work in three aspects at present and in the future. First, innovate the working mechanism. Establish an energy-saving standard update mechanism, and control the standard review cycle within 3 years and the standard revision cycle within 2 years; Explore the transformation mechanism of energy efficiency benchmarks, and timely incorporate the "leader" index of energy efficiency into the index system of mandatory end-user energy efficiency standards and industry energy consumption quota standards; Innovate energy-saving standardization services, build an energy-saving standard information service platform, and provide customized professional services such as standard development and standard system construction for enterprises. Second, improve the standard system. Implement 100 energy efficiency standards promotion projects, and form an energy-saving standard system covering key areas such as industry, energy, construction, transportation, public institutions, etc; Implement the energy-saving standardization demonstration project, explore replicable and generalizable energy-saving standardization experience, promote advanced energy-saving technologies and equipment, and improve the energy utilization efficiency of enterprises; Promote the internationalization of energy-saving standards and expand the international market share of energy-saving technologies, products and services. Third, strengthen the implementation of standards. Strengthen the effective connection between policies and standards, and give priority to the adoption of energy-saving standards when formulating relevant policies and performing functions; Strictly implement mandatory energy-saving standards and strengthen the main body of energy consumption units; Incorporate the implementation of mandatory energy-saving standards into the assessment of energy-saving objectives of local people's governments at all levels; Strengthen the supervision of energy conservation, and encourage all sectors of society to participate in the supervision of the implementation of energy conservation standards

the opinions requires that we should strengthen the scientific research support for Energy Conservation Standardization and speed up the training of Energy Conservation Standardization talents; All regions and relevant departments should pay close attention to studying and formulating specific implementation plans, expand investment channels for Energy Conservation Standardization funds, and ensure that all policies and measures are in place

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