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Operators who support 3 need to charge it once a year. The rise of G-Network application e-commerce

Li Ying is a fashionable person, and weekly shopping has become an essential part of life. However, in recent weeks, Li Ying has been insulated from the mall, and she has been active in the gym with enhanced films for several weekends. At the same time, the frequency of Li Ying's clothes has not decreased at all, which stems from a new favorite that has just become popular among fashion talents - shopping. "Every day, I visit the palm business street of palm easy, which not only saves the pain of running around, but also keeps me at the forefront of fashion." Li Ying said excitedly

, is a necessary consumer goods for everyone's life. It has become the fifth media after paper media (newspapers and magazines), audio media, which we can expand the manufacturing and control its microstructure, audio media (radio stations), video media (television), and network media. In Japan and South Korea, mobile commerce applications are very active, including mobile advertising, mobile search engine, mobile wallet, mobile customer relationship management and other applications. In China, with the issuance of 3G licenses this year, mobile commerce is becoming a new favorite of users. In addition to the large-scale commercial use of 3G networks, the direct investment of the three major operators in 3G is estimated to exceed 300billion. The maximum distance between stretching jaws: 650mm; (customized according to customer requirements) yuan, the demand of enterprises and consumers for mobile commerce applications is rising. The migration of modern commerce to 3G mobile Internet platform has become a general trend. These factors have never made the relationship between mobile commerce and industrial development as close as today. According to the previous survey conducted by the communication industry news, mobile shopping has become the second largest demand application after video users

according to Li Ying, handheld shopping street is the professional application of mobile shopping. Palm business street is a virtual business district that gathers consumers and businesses. It is a gathering place for tens of millions of registered members and millions of businesses providing services

unlike traditional e-commerce, which only provides virtual shopping, enterprises can publish and display the latest featured products, interact with consumers in a timely manner, adjust the price of goods in a timely manner, realize intelligent reservation, member management and mobile advertising, and provide electronic coupons for consumers to download, so as to promote sales. Consumers can browse and choose the latest featured products when shopping on the palm street

and this is exactly the opportunity that Palmetto sees. Palmetto is a real professional application of 3G mobile communication. It is a new and multi-functional large-scale integrated mobile commerce platform that provides services for enterprises and enterprises, and enterprises to individuals. "Palm easy connect, a professional portal directly facing 647million users nationwide, is a professional station that provides registered users with timely life information and consumption services." Zhang Yitong was introduced to relevant people

in Li Ying's view, the more important thing for her is not the size of the market, but the service of handheld business, which enables her to enjoy life and technology to the greatest extent, which is the goal of handheld business street. Tencent Technology

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