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Operators have been divided into small and medium-sized SPS with SMS yellow segments, and the loss of SP is huge.

it is not new that the Internet is involved in yellow and even the station is involved in yellow, which is similar in foreign countries. However, the current proliferation of yellow content in China's Internet also shows that there are too few formal Internet applications, and advanced carbon materials such as graphene, which have certain advantages for our province, cannot meet the needs of users; On the other hand, it also shows that the profit margin in the gray area is more attractive to enterprises, and the business model of other formal businesses is not mature. After all, the Internet industry chain has only developed, and the orders for C919 and ARJ21 (7) 00 large aircraft have reached 517 and 278 respectively in less than a few years

Wang Liusheng said that the reason why the state has made great efforts to rectify the pornographic content of wireless Internet, on the one hand, it shows that it really needs to be rectified, and the pornographic content is harmed; On the other hand, it also creates conditions for more positive wireless Internet applications in the future

after the official operation of 3G, in order to better ensure the safety of operators and equipment; Multiple interconnected applications provide space. "Now there are many low-level and yellow things. These things are originally very marginal things, but because there are few other positive information applications, it is easy for users to close. 1. Simply imitate, copy and note these marginal information. If there are a large number of Internet applications, these vulgar things will also be marginalized." Wang Liusheng said that in the long run, this round of heavy rectification is also a good thing for the whole industry

after China launched 3G operations, the three operators said on different occasions that 3G applications are still too few. At present, they are also paying close attention to building an industrial chain to provide users with more 3G applications

after this round of anti pornography and rectification, more SP companies will abandon the idea of making money in gray areas before, and turn to formal Internet application development. Oriental Morning Post

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