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Openvox helps enterprises realize low-cost mobile IPPBX

ctiforum in July, there are seven main modules. News on July 26th (Jiaqi): the world's best cost performance a when customers buy precision instruments, they subconsciously think that the instruments of a major brand are of good quality and should be bought. Shenzhen open source Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as openvox), the instrument supplier of this brand, is sterisk hardware It announced that the foreword price of its GSM series voice cards will be reduced from now on, saving customers and developers nearly 50% of the cost of GSM hardware procurement. At the same time, openvox introduces the constantly updating mobile communication trend into the open source system by adding 3G (WCDMA) access function, making it a higher level in the IPPBX market in the mobile field

Miao Lin, CEO of openvox, said: in order to further improve the cost performance and competitiveness of products in the mobile communication market, we hope that through continuous efforts, we can make GSM products better and reduce their entry threshold. Now, we have done it. In addition, combined with open source Chan_ With the extra project, we have made great progress in the application of GSM software. In the current economic environment, enterprises have become more and more smart in their investment in building GSM communication platform, and they hope to get more. In this regard, we have made various efforts to reduce the product price by up to 50%, so as to obtain greater competitiveness

the 3G module of openvox can support four frequency bands (wcdma850/900/1900/2100mhz), and is compatible with most 3G wireless communication networks in the world. Based on the modular design, the single card of the new board can support one to four WCDMA communications, and can be mixed and used with GSM modules. Each gsm/wcdma port can be used as an independent interface to support voice, data and SMS applications

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