China Glass Art Park will be built in Xiqi County,

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Qixian County, Shanxi Province will build a "China Glass Art Park"

Qixian Honghai group will closely rely on the county's "national historical and cultural city" and "China glassware production and export base" two brands, innovate the development concept, and plan to invest 300million yuan to build a "China Glass Art Park" theme scenic spot

Founded in 1953, Red Sea group is a member of China Light Industry Export Chamber of Commerce. Its glassware is sold all over the world. In order to make the outside world know more about the manufacturing process of glassware, at the beginning of 2010, after demonstration, the group transformed and developed industrial tourism. It is planned to focus on the four sectors of visit experience, cultural development, leisure shopping and glass garden construction. At present, the first three sectors have been completed. The implementation of the project has enriched the tourism industry of Qi County, which is manifested in: 1. The innovation ability and technological development ability are relatively weak; 2. It is a sketch of production capacity, which also plays a positive role in strengthening and expanding the tourism industry in Jinzhong. Realize the connection with ordinary policyholders

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