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Europe hopes to revive the "new myth" China's forging industry "perpetual motion machine"

Europe hopes to revive the "new myth" China's forging industry "perpetual motion machine"

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Guide: the clouds of recession are hanging over Europe, but people have found that there are few ways to get Europe out of recession. The troika of stimulating economic growth is gradually disappearing from Europe. The prescription given by EU officials to Greece and Spain is to tighten finance and let people tighten their belts, but slowly

recession clouds over Europe, but people have found that there are few ways to get Europe out of recession

the "troika" that stimulates economic growth is gradually disappearing from Europe. The prescription given by EU officials to Greece and Spain is to tighten finance and let people tighten their belts. However, it is slowly found that the decline in disposable income has weakened their consumption capacity, and ultimately these countries can only get deeper and deeper in the quagmire of recession. Chinese style infrastructure investment is considered "Arabian Nights" in Europe, and Europe cannot learn from China's model of expanding investment to stimulate the economy. Exports seem to be the "life-saving straw" of the European economy, but at a time when the global recession 4, the sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate, and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean, the boost of emerging countries, especially China, to European exports also seems to be slowing down

when asked what is the driving force of the European economy? A French economist said privately that this question is difficult to answer. Maybe God will know the answer. "The rejuvenation of the European continent looks forward to new stories, such as the industrial revolution and the placing of network equipment by the window to facilitate the discharge of the smell produced during the test outdoors; technological innovation with the same economy, but at present, perhaps the myth of innovation takes place more in the United States than in lazy Europe."

he further said that China should learn from Germany. The reason why Germany's economy can stand out in Europe is that Germany's developed manufacturing industry enables it to operate well in the European debt crisis. It is a trap to rely too much on the real estate industry. Look at Ireland and Spain. They did not control house prices well, resulting in a vicious transmission of "falling house prices - bank liquidity problems - a stagnant economy". China should avoid this mistake

crisis prescription:

save money or spend money

"in the long run, borrowing money is not the way to live." After the outbreak of the European debt crisis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has always stressed austerity, hoping that Greece and other countries can get out of trouble by "tightening their belts"

however, the anti crisis measures such as "tightening the belt" have plunged Greece and other countries into a vicious circle: without external assistance, these countries are difficult to get out of trouble; To get these bailouts, they must reduce the fiscal deficit to a certain level within a specified time

Changjiang University, the Deputy Institute of Europe, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that the austerity implemented to achieve this goal has led to no impetus for economic growth. The most prominent one is that economic growth has been affected, the unemployment rate has risen rapidly, and people's lives have been affected, resulting in people from all walks of life holding demonstrations from time to time; Without recovery, the economy can only continue to rely on external assistance

French President Hollande opposed the implementation of severe fiscal tightening to deal with the debt crisis. In his view, the effective way to get rid of the debt crisis is not to "tighten the belt", but to promote economic growth. Hollande's "prescription" is "spending money", not "saving money"

but when I visited Europe, I found that Europe has perfect rural roads, highways, German and French subway lines extending in all directions, and even more than 60 airports and tens of thousands of ports in Greece. There is no room for large-scale infrastructure investment in Europe

a scholar told that when China was still relying on urbanization to achieve economic growth, there was not much room for large-scale infrastructure construction in Europe

in addition, when the government debt continues to rise, the financing in the financial market has reached an impasse, and a large number of bad debts have made the role of banks as a lubricant to the economy completely lost. How to obtain the construction funds required for investment has become another major problem that we hope to "spend money"

Europe plans to learn from the experience of Latin American countries and East Asian countries, hopes to develop its economy by expanding exports, and regards the "key" to solve the European crisis as the boost generated by the export of China and other emerging markets to Europe. But at present, the weak global economic growth has gradually weakened the demand for commodities in emerging markets

economic power:

manufacturing has achieved Germany's "miracle"

when the European debt crisis is unresolved, Germany's economy stands alone. How did Germany achieve its economic "miracle"

some people believe that after the outbreak of the European debt crisis, many capital flowed into Germany, a "safe harbor". In addition, technical personnel and high-quality labor force from Greece and other countries came to Germany to make a living in order to escape the high unemployment rate at home. This has benefited the German economy a lot

he pointed out that these are superficial reasons. The "miracle" of the German economy has something to do with the establishment of a strong high-end manufacturing industry and strong exports. China has the title of "world factory", but the products exported by China are mainly labor-intensive products with low added value. Germany is also known as the "world factory", and produces high-tech products with high added td5%>500 ℃. Even when the world trade of these high-end products is sluggish, the export will not be greatly affected

therefore, this debt crisis, which has lasted for nearly three years, did not seriously hurt the German economy. Instead, it made Germany rich in "crisis wealth" through trade, capital inflow and other means

the most direct consequence of the European debt crisis is the continued weakness of the euro. According to statistics, the euro has fallen by about 20% against the US dollar since November 2009. However, due to the decline of the euro caused by the debt crisis, German exporters can earn an additional 100billion euros a year, that is, the weak euro has increased the proportion of Germany's trade surplus in GDP by about 4%, and more than 50% of it is the contribution of manufacturing to exports

I learned that some countries in the eurozone have been complaining that Germany's well-being is based on the pain of other eurozone countries. The establishment of the euro has led to the re integration of trade in the euro area. Germany has achieved great success with its traditional advantages in high-end manufacturing. Many countries cannot protect their important industries through the depreciation of the exchange rate

"we are becoming German vassals." A Greek told that it will take a long time for the European continent to get out of recession, which may take ten years or more. The myth of new industrial revolution and network economy is needed. The popularization and application of new energy and new materials may be a direction in the future. However, only Germany and France with developed manufacturing industry in the European continent have the soil for innovation

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