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Open up a new application in the field of access control fingerprint identification to civil use

in the 1990s, fingerprint identification technology rose in China. At that time, its application was limited to the field of criminal investigation. It can improve the case solving rate of public security organs and save a lot of costs at the same time. However, fingerprint identification technology belongs to the use of "unknown subject" in criminal investigation. The "comparison" needs to be processed by mainframe, and the cost of price and time is relatively large. In the 1990s, fingerprint identification technology rose in China. At that time, its application was limited to the field of criminal investigation. It can improve the case solving rate of public security organs and save a lot of costs. However, fingerprint identification technology is used by unknown subjects in criminal investigation. The comparison needs to be processed by mainframe, and the cost of price and time is relatively large. With the progress of science and technology, the fingerprint identification market is gradually expanding, and the civil market is rising. The most typical application is the application in the field of access control

Market: fingerprint recognition is going to civil use

through the continuous promotion and application of fingerprint recognition technology in the market, fingerprint recognition enterprises have found that the real market of fingerprint recognition technology should be the civil market. Because the civilian fingerprint identification technology is a knowable subject, with fast comparison speed and high accuracy. With more and more electronic devices, such as PC, ATM, access control system, etc., it is entering our daily life

from the perspective of trend, the civilian fingerprint identification technology will eventually replace the ID code and password with defective security and convenience to prevent unauthorized access. Because fingerprint identification technology is more popular for civilian use than criminal investigation, and the market capacity is larger, it has the foundation for large-scale promotion. In western countries, fingerprint identification technology has entered a large-scale civil stage. Los Angeles in the United States used the world's first fingerprint identification system for the distribution of relief funds in 1990; SFNB, the world's first virtual bank, has also implemented a security project based on fingerprint recognition technology to enhance the security of transactions

due to its mature technology and low cost, fingerprint recognition began to move towards civil use completely. In the future, domestic biometrics will form a market of tens of billions of yuan, of which the security industry is one of the most important application fields, and the market space is large

the inspection shell is fixed

development: it can be combined with IC card in the future

the development of fingerprint recognition technology benefits from the research of modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology and fast and reliable algorithm. Although fingerprint is only a small part of human skin, the amount of data used for identification is quite large. Comparing these data is not a simple problem of equality or inequality, but using a fuzzy matching algorithm that requires a lot of operations

modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology enables us to manufacture quite small fingerprint image reading equipment. At the same time, the rapid development of personal computer computing speed provides the yield strength for the comparison of two fingerprints on a microcomputer or even a single chip microcomputer( σ s) It is possible to continue loading when the stress exceeds the elastic limit. In addition, the reliability of matching algorithm is also improving, and fingerprint recognition technology has been very practical

fingerprint recognition technology can be applied to many aspects through several methods. The use of fingerprint authentication to replace the passwords of various computer applications is the most typical example. It is conceivable that if all systems and applications on the computer can use fingerprint verification, but teknor apex can also develop softer or stronger compound certificates for specific utilization, people will use the computer very conveniently and safely, users will no longer hate the necessary security checks, and the after-sales service work of it developers will be much reduced

combining fingerprint identification technology with IC card is one of the most promising directions at present. This technology stores the fingerprint (encrypted) of the card owner on the IC card, and adds a fingerprint identification system on the IC card reader. When the reader reads the information on the card, it reads the fingerprint of the cardholder together. By comparing the fingerprint on the card with the fingerprint of the cardholder, it can confirm whether the cardholder is the real owner of the card, so as to carry out the next transaction. In more strict cases, it can also be further compared with the fingerprint on the database of the back-end host system

fingerprint IC card can be widely used in many industries, such as replacing the current ATM card and manufacturing anti-counterfeiting documents (visa or passport, public medical card, membership card, library card, etc.). At present, ATM equipped with fingerprint recognition function has been used in the United States. The cardholder can cancel the password (to avoid the difficulty of the elderly and children in remembering the password) or still keep the password. The time of pressing the fingerprint in operation is about the same as that of the password

at present, fingerprint identification is mainly used in attendance, access control, safe boxes and other fields. I believe that with the improvement of fingerprint identification technology, it will also be widely used in ID cards, motor vehicles, home and other fields

Application: open up a new market in the field of access control

last year, biometrics began to become a hot field in the access control market. From the earliest fingerprint recognition, to face recognition, and then to palm meridian recognition, biometrics also ushered in a new market in just a few years

from the applications around us, we can also see that the once rare fingerprint recognition equipment is no longer a new thing, and fingerprint recognition has inadvertently entered too many enterprises. The wide application has shown the recognition of fingerprint as a biometric technology in the user market. In addition, with the repeated application of living biometric technology in the past two years, fingerprint recognition is ushering in its own more in-depth development. On the surface, the emergence of this technology helps to enhance the stability and convenience of the recognition process. But in the long run, it means that we have found a more sustainable development direction on the road of fingerprint recognition. This not only improves the performance, but also establishes a deeper direction for the development of biometrics. Therefore, the biometric market is bound to continue to flourish next year

access control equipment has always existed independently as a security management function of the gate. However, with the entry of the concept of integration and integration in recent years, diversification has become one of the main development directions of the access control market

in the development of access control system in the past two years, focusing on the development and introduction of functions has become a means for manufacturers to build core competitiveness. Especially in the current situation that the overall function of access control equipment tends to be balanced, the introduction of some detailed functions has become the second battlefield opened up by manufacturers. Although as a new product development model, many enterprises in the process of diversified development have begun to relive the embarrassment of being a newcomer. However, judging from the development trend of world products, this transformation is undoubtedly an irreversible stage in the development process

in the security field in the past two years, networking has become the main trend in the security market. With the popularity of network monitoring and the market-oriented application of new products, network monitoring has also rapidly spread to all corners of alarm, buildings and access control

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