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The operation process is complex. There is a long way to recycle express packaging materials.

people at home are used to buying clothes and food. Express delivery reports to the home almost every day, and there are more and more plastic bags, cartons and stuffing in cartons at home. For these purchase accessories, sell what you can sell and throw away what you can't sell. Mr. Zhang and his family, who are keen on shopping, throw away a bag of plastic garbage every day. Plastic bags and plastic products are very light, and when they are used as waste products, they can't sell for much money. For Mr. Zhang, throwing them away directly is the best way to deal with them. Like Mr. Zhang, there are not a few people who throw express garbage every day

the purchase cannot be separated from packaging materials. Consumers directly throw away these packaging materials, which is neither energy-saving for enterprises, nor environmental pollution for society. Nevertheless, express packaging materials are still being thrown away. Can't these packaging materials be recycled? Certainly. But the recycling action is slow. Why

lack of recycling of express packaging materials

packaging materials needed in the process of express delivery include packaging boxes, plastic bags, fillers, etc. these materials are essential for express enterprises and are a part of the cost of express enterprises. But these packaging materials are garbage for consumers, and can only be sold or thrown away as waste

Zhang Lan is a white-collar worker in the company. She often exchanges documents and materials with her branch office when she is doing financial work. The most used express envelope bag on her desk is the one that needs to be tested before many data applications. All kinds of standard features are neatly coded in a pile. These envelope bags are almost intact, but they can't be used anymore. It's a pity to throw them away. Zhang Lan especially hopes that these envelope bags can be recycled

not only envelope bags, but also cartons, carton fillers, plastic bags and other packaging materials in the process of express delivery can be recycled directly. But in fact, the recycling rate of these materials is very low

of course, express packaging materials have not been recycled. After some cartons and other materials are sold by consumers, they are finally made into paper products by manufacturers for reuse. However, this recycling process still needs to consume a certain amount of manpower and material resources. In fact, some fixed materials in express packaging do not need to be recycled and reprocessed, but can be directly recycled. Direct recycling has lower cost and higher social benefits than recycling, processing and reuse

Dai, senior manager of Quanfeng Express brand management center, now looks at the introduction of the long march. At present, the packaging materials used by Quanfeng are recycled recycling products. We are looking for cooperation with manufacturers of recycled packaging materials to protect the environment with their own actions, but at present, our enterprises do not recycle packaging materials by themselves

VANCL also said that at present, the enterprise is formulating relevant plans. At present, there are no manufacturers that say there is no need to spend more money to improve the accuracy of packaging recycling. It is understood that the e-commerce brand of SF express, SF preferentially, once carried out the work of recycling packaging cartons. At first, we also promoted the work of recycling packaging cartons. The couriers will ask customers in the delivery. If customers do not need packaging cartons, the couriers will recycle them directly, but now SF preferentially no longer recycles cartons. A few days ago, the Shandong Branch of Shunfeng preferred staff Materials Institute, with a strong technical team as the support staff, told that the project had been terminated

if express companies and e-commerce companies do not recycle these packaging materials, they will be useless to consumers. If they can sell them, they will sell them, and if they cannot sell them, they will directly throw them away, which will not only cause great waste, but also damage the environment. The whole peak has 400000 orders a day, and the daily average of four connections and one arrival is several million orders. Each order needs to be packed. In this way, there are countless packages for express delivery in a day

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