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The opposition denounce the mayor - again - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Junts Avan?am, the main opposition group at Pollensa town hall, have lodged an official complaint against the mayorcompetitions and musical shows., Tomeu Cifre, with the anti-corruption officeAfter a horrible year for Americans., it appears those north o. This is the second time that Junts have denounced the mayor to Jaume Far’s officeThe insistence of pursuin. The first was in respect of the allegation that the councillor for social welfare, Francisca Cerdà, had jumped the queue and been vaccinated much earlier than she should have been and that she and Tomeu were having regular PCR tests paid for by public funds.

The latest complaint is for alleged “work incompatibility” with Tomeu’s exclusive dedication to being mayor. It concerns the application for and granting of 3,000 euros of Balearic government aid to compensate for Covid-caused loss of earnings by a family business for holiday rental.

The opposition group states that no approval for a reduction of the mayor’s working hours was sought from or given by a full meeting of the council – a reduction to allow him to dedicate part of his working time to other responsibilities. Junts have highlighted comments made by Tomeu to the media regarding his secondary activity of holiday rental, for which he pays self-employment insurance.

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