PPG industries selected 11 best suppliers

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PPG industries selected 11 best suppliers

PPG industries selected 11 best suppliers

July 12, 2004

7.7 1 the export of cut-off drain pipes must be deepened. Pittsburgh news on June 30, 2004 - PPG industries awarded the 11 best suppliers in 2003. The award criteria include product quality, delivery time, documents and archives, innovation ability, response speed, continuous improvement ability and enthusiasm to join PPG supplier value-added plan


arrow uniform, responsible for unifying

Bayer polymer, responsible for isocyanate polymer

consolidated electrical distributors, responsible for electrical equipment

combined transport, responsible for special automobile transportation

how to measure in more detail? Executive relocation, responsible for distribution business

J.B. hunt dedicated services, responsible for intensive processing and initial results, responsible for transportation

kW plastics, Provide one gallon paint tank

mamor, packaging container

Rohm, be responsible for methacrylic acid

Thioplast chemicals, provide liquid polysulfide polymer

wolf container & Chemical, provide clay and calcium carbonate

PPG, and purchase 5 billion US dollars of raw materials every year

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