PPG launches new aliphatic polyethylene coatings f

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PPG launched a new aliphatic polyethylene coating for ships

P insiders said that PG coating has developed an advanced aliphatic polyethylene coating durabull, which is mainly used in large vehicles and can provide higher corrosion resistance and durability

because this new coating has high corrosion resistance, it can well protect large vehicles with poor working environment, such as truck bottom plate, trailer plate, ship deck, etc. because these surfaces have particularly strict requirements on the anti-skid performance of the surface, coatings with better performance are needed to meet their needs

John Lewis, one of the leaders of PPG, said that among all the properties of durabull, the most important is its impact resistance and crack resistance. Durabull is a good anti-corrosion product for large vehicles. The aging test results show that durabull has good aging resistance. The aging resistance of some surface layers of large vehicles with durabull products is twice that of glossy surfaces without durabull products

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