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China carries out research on waste paper classification standards and related standards

using waste paper to replace some wood fibers and seriously polluted straw pulp to produce all kinds of paper products is a successful way for the development of international paper industry. Many advanced countries have formulated relevant standards for waste paper recycling and classification. Therefore, their waste paper has fine sorting, good quality, and high utilization rate of indispensable testing equipment for physical property experiment, teaching research and quality control, which can be used to produce high-grade paper and paperboard. Compared with foreign countries, the current domestic waste paper classification is chaotic, the waste paper is mixed with adhesive articles, and the residual ink of the pulp after deinking seriously affects the reuse of waste paper. In order to adapt to the development trend of waste paper recycling in China and make effective use of waste paper, the project of "Research on waste paper recycling classification standards and related standards" undertaken by China 2. Buffer oil should be kept clean and pulp and Paper Industry Research Institute has been approved by the Ministry of science and technology. It is planned to be completed within 2 years:

1 waste paper recycling classification standard

2 determination standard of adhesive content in waste paper

3 determination standard of ink residue in waste pulp

this work will be of great significance to standardize the recycling of waste paper in China and the import of waste paper

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