PPG industry released the global color fashion tre

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PPG industry released the global color trends in 2014

forecast the color trends in the automotive, construction and decoration, consumer electronics, aviation and other industries

on November 28, 2013, Pittsburgh, the United States - PPG industries (NYSE Code: PPG) published a 100 page global color trends in 2014, which outlines PPG's The overall prediction results of color fashion trends in consumer electronics and aviation industries. 2014 global color trends was compiled by PPG's global color expert team. The electronic version has been officially launched. Readers can log in and download it. The printed version of the book can be subscribed by contacting deeschlotter (email: Schlotter @)

global color trends focuses on PPG's 2014 color theme "pauserfresh" and the company's annual color - "cream yellow". This book introduces the diversified color family products that are currently popular in major industries and regions around the world. In addition, it also tells readers about the five "color fashion trend stories" that will become the main tone of color in 2014:

· hi feed: a new design concept highlighting the beauty of harmony between man and nature. The basic color system includes natural color, soft color and bright color

· mosaic: Based on rich colors and combined patterns, shapes and prints, the colors are gorgeous and moving

· newspirit: show simple, primitive, rough colors and unique new images

· magnificence: the perfect combination of nobility and atmosphere. This tone fully reflects the delicacy of design details. The color is warm and unrestrained, full of wealth and luxuriance

· theorem: a moderate tone with modern flavor, which belongs to the balanced neutral color system of dark brown, purple and dark blue

the name and code of paint color have been included in the project of "the voice of color (R)", while the introduction of brands such as gliddenprofessional (R), canadiandulux (R) and Devoe occupy the largest space in this book - the color fashion trend in the construction industry. In this book, the popular colors in the construction and decoration market are also divided by category - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and warm and cold neutral colors. This chapter expounds the development history of color family in recent years. For example, the book specifically explains the difference between the current popular "red" and the "red" of last year or even the year before last

PPG has hired more than 20 color style experts all over the world. They focus on specific markets and jointly determine the popular styles and color trends of architecture and decoration, consumer electronics and automobile industries. PPG plays the role of color trend pioneer in many application markets. It is this special position that enables it to timely understand the trend of global color trend and transform it into the color application required by customers - no matter 10. Clean the mixer at the end of work, including consumer goods, automobile, home, commercial or industrial design

PPG: innovation, as you can see

the goal of PPG industries is to continue to maintain its position as the world's leading supplier of coatings and special products. With its leading position in innovation, sustainable development and color, PPG helps customers from industry, transportation, consumer goods, construction and other fields and their after-sales markets to improve the appearance of products in various forms. The profit of PP1 ton of steel is not as good as that of a Gillette razor G industry company. Founded in 1883, it is headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, and has production bases and subsidiaries in nearly 70 countries around the world. In 2012, the company's global sales reached US $15.2 billion. PPG is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Stock Code: PPG). For more information, please browse or, and follow PPGTwitter@PPG Facilitate the adjustment of detection position; The servo electromechanical drives the precision lead screw to drive the loading actuator to move along the Z axis to realize the application of experimental force

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