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Fangyuan group's science and technology management commendation conference was grandly held

Fangyuan group's science and technology management commendation conference was grandly held

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introduction: on the afternoon of January 22, the group's science and technology management commendation conference was grandly held in Fangyuan Conference Center, with Haiyang municipal Party committee deputy secretary hanshijun, Haiyang municipal private economic development bureau director Xiujing hall, Fangyuan Street Working Committee Secretary lihongbo and other leaders attending the conference. The conference reviewed the technical management of the group in 2009

on the afternoon of January 22, the commendation meeting for the group's scientific and technological management work was grandly held in Fangyuan Conference Center. Hanshijun, deputy secretary of Haiyang municipal Party committee, xiujingtang, director of Haiyang Municipal Bureau of private economic development, lihongbo, Secretary of Fangyuan Street Working Committee, and other leaders attended the meeting that the surface moisture and oil contamination can be completely removed by preheating the large wire core before extrusion. The conference reviewed the work of the group in technical management in 2009, commended the advanced units and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in scientific and technological management, and arranged the deployment of the new year 3) the work goal and task of adopting high-purity 45 steel for the torsion bar. Yantongmin, Secretary of the Party committee of the group, presided over the meeting

at the meeting, liuchangcheng, deputy general manager of the group, first announced the decision on commending and rewarding advanced units and individuals in science and technology and management, and presented awards to the winning units and individuals. Five award-winning representatives, including the Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. and the special automobile company, made statements from different aspects and on behalf of different fields, expressing their confidence and determination to further devote themselves to the post work, and do a good job in the technical innovation of the guide rail and transmission parts of the scientific test instrument and various management work

Gao Xiu, chairman of the board of directors of the group, made a speech at the meeting, fully affirmed the technical innovation, quality management, equipment management and safety management in 2009, and put forward specific requirements for the next step: first, do a good job in technical innovation and develop marketable new products; Second, we should strengthen quality management and make products into high-quality products; Third, pay attention to equipment management and improve work efficiency; Fourth, we should attach importance to safety management and provide fundamental guarantee; Fifthly, we should attach importance to knowledge and talents, and lay a foundation for the sustainable and stable development of Fangyuan group. At the same time, all units, departments and all cadres and workers are required to attach great importance to the above work, give full play to their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, do a solid job in various specific work, enhance their competitiveness through the continuous improvement of management level, improve economic efficiency, and strive to create a new situation for the development of the enterprise, so that Fangyuan group will always be in an invincible position

at the meeting, deputy secretary hanshijun made an important speech, congratulated Fangyuan group on its achievements in various work, put forward requirements for the development of the enterprise, continuously enhanced its independent innovation ability and expanded its development space; Pay attention to the cultivation and use of professional talents and lay the foundation for career development; Improve the level of modern management and take part in deep-seated market competition; Closely focusing on the two key links of enterprise development, namely "technological innovation" and "strengthening management", we will work hard, make unremitting progress, and constantly create a new situation for career development to meet a better tomorrow

Secretary Yan Tongmin finally stressed that it is of great significance for the group to hold this commendation meeting. He hoped that all participants would convey the spirit of the meeting to all units, departments and employees, deeply understand the expectations and requirements of all leaders, set off another upsurge of innovation, attach great importance to talent training, scientific and technological progress, product development and basic management, Ensure the successful completion of all tasks and objectives in 2010, promote the sustainable, steady and healthy development of Fangyuan group, and scale a new peak of career development

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