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A seemingly warm home may have many hidden dangers in health and safety. Whether it is decoration, home appliance placement or room cleaning, these small mistakes often cause big problems. Experts summed up the "top ten misunderstandings in the home decoration life of the post-80s and 90s generation"

there are computers and TVs in the bedroom

many young people like to put televisions, computers, stereos, and high-power electrical appliances in their bedrooms, but they don't know that this has hidden dangers for their health. Due to the high power, these household appliances will emit trace rays harmful to human body when used, and form a magnetic field, which is harmful to health

pay more attention to decoration than decoration

the "big fight" during decoration is not only a waste of money, but also likely to increase pollution. In a space of the same size, there must be a difference in the environmental protection coefficient between putting oneortwo pieces of furniture and putting a lot of furniture. Even if the formaldehyde content of each piece of furniture meets the standard, it may exceed the standard together. Therefore, when decorating, we should focus on environmental protection materials, reduce stacking, and know how to leave appropriate white space

the house is full of plants

green plants do absorb some harmful gases, but it is not enough to absorb the pollution after decoration alone. Therefore, do not completely replace the air purifier with plants. After check-in, the indoor plants should be placed less and better. Putting too much will damage the overall sense, which will not only make it difficult to adjust the mood, but also cause visual fatigue

granite is preferred for kitchen countertops

the kitchen operating table should be made of materials with low radioactivity. Studies have shown that light colored granite, such as white, red, green, etc., has stronger radiation than dark granite. If you prefer natural stone, marble is a good choice

rarely scrub and expose the mattress to the sun

the humble mattress at home is actually a "paradise" for bacteria. British research found that in the average family, it is very common that the mattress has not been cleaned for about 3 years. On such a double mattress, the number of bacteria is at least more than 1billion. Therefore, it is best to scrub the mattress with hot water and expose it to the sun every month, or use the mattress cover that is impervious to mites

the lamps are too fancy

lamps are fashionable and warm when used well, but they may become the main source of indoor color light pollution if not used well. Color light sources will dazzle people, interfere with the central nervous system of the brain, make people dizzy, insomnia and so on. Therefore, the selection of indoor lamps should try to avoid rotating lamps, flashing lamps and high-power fluorescent lamps with too complex colors and styles. It is recommended to choose soft energy-saving lamps

no smell after decoration means no pollution

in fact, some pollutants do not produce smell at all, or the smell they produce cannot be smelled at all, which will unknowingly damage health. And if you stay in an environment for a long time, you will adapt to the indoor smell and feel no peculiar smell

there is only one kind of floor at home

many people like to pave the ground with a unified material, which is likely to lead to a certain harmful substance exceeding the standard. For example, all solid wood flooring may cause benzene pollution, and all composite flooring may cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard. It is suggested that the living room should be paved with tiles, and the bedroom and study should use solid wood floors, which is the most beneficial to health

ignore the moisture-proof ventilation in the toilet

many people ignore whether there are windows in the bathroom when buying a house. In fact, humidity is the most prominent problem in the bathroom, especially the ceiling is easy to mold, and windows can be well moisture-proof and ventilated. If there are no windows, install an exhaust fan with high power and good performance. When decorating, avoid wrapping the water pipe tightly, so that the moisture cannot disperse; You can buy a door with shutters at the bottom to increase the ventilation of the bathroom

wallpaper with one color

many people only pursue beauty when choosing wallpapers, but ignore the matching of colors. Expert tips: gold is easy to reflect light, which is harmful to eyes; Orange affects sleep quality; Yellow slows down thinking; Black is too heavy and should not be used in large areas. The best choice of wallpaper is diversification, not just one





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