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Clothing, food, shelter and transportation are the most important in people's life. As the first of the four, clothing accounts for a large part of people's life. Family cloakrooms are mainly divided into walk-in, embedded and open types. Clothing, food, housing and transportation are the most important in people's life. Clothing, as the first of the four, occupies a large part of people's life. The family cloakroom is mainly divided into walk-in type, embedded type and open type. What are the precautions when designing the cloakroom? The custom furniture of Egor is ready for you

II. Precautions for cloakroom design: dust prevention

open cloakrooms are hard to avoid dust entry. If you live in a big city, walk-in or embedded cloakrooms are recommended. Open cloakrooms will cause great trouble for cleaning

I. area of the cloakroom design considerations

generally, a cloakroom of 4 square meters is enough. Partitions and drawers can be used to increase the storage space, and the cloakroom can also be directly on the top. Clothing items on the top floor can be taken and placed by using a small herringbone ladder. It is the first choice for the decoration of cloakroom in small families

III. moisture proof in the design of the cloakroom

the cloakroom may cause mildew, humidity and other phenomena because it is closed for a long time. Remember to open the door frequently for ventilation. If it is a separate wardrobe, shutter doors can be used to increase air circulation and prevent moisture regain

IV. customization of cloakroom design considerations

now customized furniture has become the choice of the public. It is recommended to choose customized cloakroom to effectively use space and ensure the environmental protection of products at the same time

of course, the design of the cloakroom also needs the coordination of light and color to achieve the desired effect. In fact, it is not difficult for the cloakroom to be both practical and beautiful. Just pay attention to the above considerations for cloakroom design

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