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The combination of laser holography and packaging printing

laser holograms have been widely concerned and applied in the field of anti-counterfeiting because of their magical colors, lifelike images, high information content, and large-scale film reproduction. With the continuous innovation and development of holographic technology, many new technologies based on holograms have emerged, such as dynamic holographic technology, 2d/3d technology, dot matrix holographic technology, micro encryption technology, synthetic encryption technology, photochemical relief technology, machine identification information technology, etc., making the full information anti-counterfeiting technology have the characteristics of first-line anti-counterfeiting and second-line anti-counterfeiting, and become the most widely used, The structure and operation method of anti-counterfeiting force concrete pressure testing machine is one of the strongest anti-counterfeiting technologies, and has been widely used in the field of printing and packaging with its unique artistic effect and anti-counterfeiting performance

the following is a list of several typical applications of holographic anti-counterfeiting technology in packaging and printing:

1. Application of self-adhesive holographic anti-counterfeiting logo

in recent years, holographic anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive logo technology has been adopted on the packaging of a large number of famous and high-quality goods in China, and comprehensive encryption and other anti-counterfeiting technologies have been adopted in the logo, which has a large technical content, mainly to prevent counterfeits. The anti-counterfeiting signs are divided into manual labeling and automatic labeling. The new anti-counterfeiting composite packaging production system developed by Hubei Chenguang Industrial Co., Ltd. is a system equipment that can produce commodity packaging with fitrin's new anti-counterfeiting function on the packaging production line. At present, it has been widely used in plastic composite flexible packaging such as iodized salt bags, tea bags, condiments, etc

2. Holographic anti-counterfeiting hot stamping materials are used in packaging and printing

in recent years, holographic anti-counterfeiting hot stamping materials are perfectly combined with packaging on important cards such as banknote printing, visa and credit card, as well as high-end packaging boxes such as tobacco, cosmetics and medicinal materials, which improves the artistry and grade of packaging, thoroughly and effectively prevents the repeated use of anti-counterfeiting marks, so they meet the requirements of green and environmental protection packaging. For example, the use of holograms on cigarette packaging enhances the brand's popularity and credibility. It is an attractive and eye-catching packaging, and also a new highlight of cigarette packaging and printing. The integration of this three-dimensional hologram and color printing technology will get some strange effects, which will add to the booming tobacco packaging and printing industry in China

3. Compounding and printing of aluminized holographic film and packaging materials

the pressed aluminized holographic film is compounded with the substrate (paper or plastic film, etc.) to make a laser holographic anti-counterfeiting packaging material, and then printed on the holographic film, which is a revolutionary change in the static printing of the ordinary protection plane of the traditional fatigue testing machine. This technology presents three-dimensional on the plane and creates dynamic in the static, At present, it has dropped to less than 20%, which is called "printing technology in the 21st century", and has broad market prospects

4. Laser holographic paper is used for packaging and printing.

laser holographic paper attaches the holographic information layer directly to the white cardboard and other substrates, and there is no plastic film on the surface. Considering the factors such as green packaging and printing, laser holographic paper is used for packaging and printing more and more products, such as the packaging of tobacco, toothpaste, beer label, drugs, etc

China has formed a new holographic packaging and holographic printing industry, that is, a new technology integrating anti-counterfeiting and packaging printing, which promotes the upgrading of the traditional packaging and printing industry and increases the technical content of packaging products, and has become a new economic growth point of the packaging and printing industry. At present, there are more than 300 enterprises engaged in product research, production and sales of holographic anti-counterfeiting technology in China, with an annual output value of more than 20 billion yuan. Among them, there are more than 60 manufacturers with production capacity and good benefits. The representative ones are Beijing Sanyou Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Huagong image Co., Ltd., Shandong photoelectric instrument factory, Shaoxing Jinghua laser products Co., Ltd., Hubei Chenguang Industry Co., Ltd Beijing holographic printing technology Co., Ltd. With the continuous application and development of laser holographic technology in packaging and printing, its development prospect will be inestimable

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