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The combination of polyurethane and nano materials shows medical value

nano materials have many new characteristics, which is one of the driving forces for us to develop new biomedical materials. For example, carbon materials have very good blood compatibility. Nowadays, artificial heart valves deposit a layer of pyrolytic carbon or diamond-like carbon on the material substrate. However, this kind of deposition process is complex and generally only suitable for the preparation of hard materials

interventional balloon and catheter are generally made of highly elastic polyurethane materials. By introducing carbon nanotube materials with high aspect ratio and pure carbon atoms into highly elastic polyurethane, we can straighten various hanger suspenders; (5) The perpendicularity test curve between the spindle and the test bench platform (torque time curve, torque angle curve, etc.) and the working state of the experimental machine, so as to make this polymer material maintain its excellent mechanical properties and easy processing and forming characteristics, and obtain better blood miscibility on the one hand

our experimental results show that the degree of blood hemolysis caused by this nanocomposite will be reduced, and the degree of platelet activation will also be reduced

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