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According to Xinhua news agency, Beijing, July 5, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection learned from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection that the regular meeting of the principal heads of the discipline inspection and supervision departments of central financial institutions in 2012 was held in Beijing a few days ago. The meeting required that we should strictly investigate and deal with disciplinary and illegal cases, severely crack down on such acts as seeking personal gains through loans, insider trading and profit transfer, and effectively curb the frequent occurrence of corruption in the financial sector

Ma Zhen, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Minister of the supervision department, proposed at the meeting that we should strengthen the prevention and control of financial integrity risks, integrate the requirements of institutional analysis and supervision into the financial business and regulatory system in the process of promoting the structural governance of the modern financial industry, and promote the effective prevention of financial risks through strict prevention and control of integrity risks; We should resolutely correct the unhealthy tendencies that have the characteristics of the financial industry and harm the interests of the people, seriously deal with the illegal charges of banks and other financial institutions, improve and strictly abide by the code of ethics for the advantages of professional Jinan gold testing Vickers hardness tester, organize and carry out professional ethics review, and improve the social image of financial institutions from local transformation of the control system to regional management and control

Ma Zhen required that the main principals of financial institutions should earnestly assume the role of "the first person" in building a clean and honest government; We should conscientiously implement the "three important and one big" decision-making system; We should take the lead in implementing the code of conduct for financial practitioners, strictly implement the system and regulations on salary management and job consumption, and prevent extravagance, waste and excessive consumption that are divorced from the masses; We should take good care of our spouses, children and staff around us, prevent them from interfering in financial business, and seek illegitimate interests with the authority of leading cadres

it is understood that the secretaries of discipline inspection commissions (Discipline Inspection leaders) of 10 central financial institutions including the people's Bank of China made exchange speeches at the meeting, and the heads of discipline inspection and supervision departments of 20 central financial institutions attended the meeting

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