The combination technology of silk screen printing

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The combination process technology and its application analysis of offset printing (Part 2)

2.2.1 local glazing of offset printing products

the silk plate (as shown in Fig. 2, the parts to be polished are leakable holes, and the non polished parts have no holes) and UV glazing agent (as the silk printing ink) are used for silk printing of offset printing semi-finished products. The printed products obtained after drying realize local glazing. Silk screen printing is characterized by thick film and strong three-dimensional sense. As the polished parts are important graphic parts, the glossiness after polishing is also used in the non-woven tensile testing machine. Polyamide and polyester of this material are ideal choices for making sensors, displays and control connectors. The detection is much higher than the surrounding non polished parts. It is suggested that the relevant listed companies with new material technologies and the thematic investment opportunities brought about by the gradual promotion of the industrialization of new materials have a strong sense of prominence, Thus, the visual effect of highlighting the key points and enlarging the contrast is formed, so that different parts of the printed matter have both color changes and gloss changes. This kind of combination process of local glazing and glue screen printing can be used in the decoration processing of various color printing materials, especially in the printing of book covers, high-end product manuals and color packaging boxes

2.2.2 printing of high-grade metal paperboard packaging boxes

many of the common high-grade metal paperboard packaging boxes are products with the combination of rubber screen printing process, and the most common "these tests made by Valeo on the internal parts of the automobile are carried out according to DIN EN ISO 1043 ⑴/GS 93016. What we see is the tobacco and wine packaging boxes with the effect of imitating metal etching (frosting) and" ice flower "printing

silver card paper is first printed with color ink by offset printing process, and then printed with a layer of uneven translucent UV metal like etching ink or UV "ice flower" by silk screen printing method. After UV curing treatment, the former can form an effect similar to the bright metal surface after etching or sanding, while the latter can form a crystal clear, dense block pattern, like the "ice flower" on the glass window, thus making the printed matter elegant, luxurious, novel and unique

2.2.3 printing with special decorative effects

printing with various special silk screen printing inks on color offset printing products can achieve various decorative effects, as shown in Table 1

Table 1 printing effect of silk printing ink used for common special effects silk decorative printing on offset printing products the product object foaming ink is protruding and has embroidery feeling wall paper, greeting card, packaging box fragrant ink prints are scattered fragrant books and periodicals, greeting cards, business cards, calendars, packaging prints and other pearlescent inks reflect or Flash pearlescent color packaging boxes, business cards, books, greeting cards, children's books, gift wrapping paper Bags and other crystalline inks are similar to a layer of glass crystalline film and have special glass effects. High grade cigarette boxes, greeting cards, children's books, covers, cartoons and other phosphorescent and fluorescent inks reflect or Flash phosphorescent or fluorescent colors. High grade cigarette boxes, greeting cards, children's books, covers, gift wrapping paper, cartoons, trademarks and other liquid crystal inks have liquid and crystal luminous effects and can change color with temperature or light. Greeting cards, children's books, covers Gift wrapping paper, cartoon, trademark, etc. 2.2.4 anti counterfeiting processing of offset printing products

silk screen printing is used for anti counterfeiting processing of offset printing products. The most common is laser image printing. The laser anti-counterfeiting film material is first used to form the basic graphics and text of the printed product by the offset printing process (not anti-counterfeiting), and then the silk screen printing process is used to form the anti-counterfeiting graphics and text mark of the printed product; Or use ordinary printing paper to print basic pictures and texts by offset printing process, and then use laser anti-counterfeiting film to print holographic or laser self-adhesive or pressure-sensitive adhesive trademarks, and form anti-counterfeiting marks on offset printing products by transfer or pressure-sensitive transfer

another anti-counterfeiting processing method of silk screen printing for offset printing products is to use various anti-counterfeiting inks on offset printing products. The method is to use various anti-counterfeiting inks for silk screen printing on offset printing products. For example, some external light imaging transparent printing inks are used for printing on offset printing products. There is no difference between visual identification and ordinary printing products, but the invisible pictures and texts will appear when illuminated by a money detector

the commonly used anti-counterfeiting inks for silk screen printing include photochromic inks, thermochromic inks and various special inks in addition to UV imaging transparent inks. (to be continued)

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