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The report shows that the mobile application business will receive more than $30billion in 2015

on June 10, the latest report released by juniper research, a market research institution, said that the revenue from various mobile applications, such as paid downloads (PPD), value-added services (VAS, including free + charge and subscription), and advertising, is expected to reach $32billion by 2015, while such revenue was less than $10billion in 2009

Apple's app store has reached an unprecedented scale, with 4billion downloads as of April 2010. However, the report also mentioned that manufacturers and developers should not ignore other platforms and users

the giants of the global mobile communication industry have launched application store plans, including Google's Android Market, Nokia's Ovi Store, Motorola's smart Park, Samsung apps of Samsung and rim's App World, all of which have begun to imitate the app store. Even operators have joined the scuffle, including the mobile market, which proposes that Fushun Petrochemical Company is one of the key enterprises relying on for the development of raw material industry, and the Tianyi space of Chinatelecom. How to effectively maintain the compression testing machine

but the increase in downloads is not equal to the increase in industry revenue. Most app downloads in the Apple App store are free. It is understood that a small number of apps (generally at%) need to be paid to download in the store launched after the Apple App store. As a result, the business model that takes into account the maximization of users and the maximization of mobile application revenue has become a difficult problem

however, the purpose of competing in the industry is to control the voice of the industrial chain. From operators to international giants, building a mature application store has become the core strategy to control the voice of the industrial chain. Bit

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