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The report shows that users prefer to use browsers rather than apps

this is translated from mobile users prefer browsers over apps. Facing a large number of apps with various functions, users actually prefer to use browsing. The Asia Pacific headquarters of all business departments under its jurisdiction have also moved to China

according to a survey report released by the American comScore research company in August this year, nearly one-third of users in the United States have downloaded apps, and the number of apps downloaded by users is growing. However, many users still say that they think that using mobile browser has a better experience than using app

a survey on the use of the keynote system from Adobe found that the proportion of mobile users using mobile browsers as a whole is much higher than that of all other mobile client services. In addition to using games, music and social media clients, users will download the corresponding apps and like to experience with apps. In addition, users prefer to use the landing page to browse and experience various web services. The preference for mobile browsers is also reflected in users' shopping behavior. These achievements of e-commerce reflect the changes of the group itself. Retailers have found that most of the users who shop on the Internet prefer to log in, browse the page of goods on their browser, and complete the payment process on. At the same time, users also prefer to use browsing to compare commodity prices and share commodity information. No matter how easy to use the official and secure app, users still show greater enthusiasm for mobile browsers

compared with some professional users who believe that app will bring better content and better shopping experience, more users like to use browser than them. In addition, users expressed extreme disgust and dissatisfaction with the phenomenon that downloaded apps constantly pop up advertisements during use

according to this survey by Adobe, users are not very impressed with various mobile terminal optimization services that first put their hands on the base of the metal impact testing machine. In addition, when asked what aspects they prefer to choose traditional page browsing methods, users' answers almost include all kinds of existing mobile applications, surfing, shopping, general information viewing, logging in to social media, and all kinds of leisure and entertainment... During 2017 (2) and 2002, the new installed capacity of global renewable energy will reach at least 920 GW (including 321 GW of wind power and 438 GW of photovoltaic power), The results of the report also show that for a long time, most users have not felt any new improvements or obvious differences. It seems that users do not have much awareness of the various tools and application services launched to optimize the experience of mobile terminals. C114 China Communications

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