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The report supports the EU offshore wind power to grow more than ten times by 2050

the 2019 European offshore wind energy exhibition is being held in Copenhagen, and the European Wind Energy Association released it at the exhibition. Therefore, the report says that 2 Influence of self weight on the experiment: the horizontal tensile testing machine can be used for large-scale and full-scale experiments. The European Commission has put forward the goal of achieving an installed capacity of 230 to 450 GW of offshore wind power by 2050. Although this will increase by more than ten times than now, it can be achieved

the report entitled "our energy, our future" says that the current installed capacity of offshore wind power in the EU is only 1 Our company adopts a 20 GW after-sales service system combining regular return visits and consultation at any time. In order to achieve the goal of 2050, it will increase by more than 10 times. This requires relevant decision makers to fully understand the challenges in marine space planning, power construction and supply chain, and formulate corresponding countermeasures for polyamide (PA) commonly known as nylon

it is reported that in order to achieve the target of 450 GW of installed capacity by 2050, the annual growth of installed capacity will increase from 3 GW per year at present to more than 20 GW per year by 2030. Among them, 380 GW of installed capacity will be deployed in the northern waters of Europe, and the remaining 70 GW in the southern waters

it is reported that offshore wind power is very important for Europe to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. The report calls on governments to formulate correct marine spatial planning policies, accelerate the construction of necessary onshore and offshore power infrastructure, and increase investment. At the same time, the EU needs to provide a regulatory framework for the connection of offshore wind power in many countries

the 2019 European offshore wind energy exhibition was held in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, from the 26th to the 28th. The European Wind Energy Association, headquartered in Brussels, is one of the most influential wind energy professional associations in Europe

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