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According to the latest research report of lux research, a famous consulting organization, bioplastics packaging currently accounts for a small market share of packaging, but it is growing rapidly

markbunger, research director of lux research, said: "The new generation of bio derived materials and processes can not only retain the advantages of traditional plastics, but also get rid of the disadvantages that traditional plastics are harmful to the ecological environment. Traditional plastics are made of non renewable raw materials, which eventually become environmental pollution after use. Now we can see that bioplastics are produced from sustainable renewable materials, and will become degradable materials after use. Biopolymers are transforming traditional plastics into biodegradable materials According to ISO 8295 (GB 10006 is equivalent to ISO 8295), the plastic life cycle of 100mm/min becomes the real life cycle: born in dust and return to dust. "

however, many organizations, including napcor (National PET container Resource Association of the United States) and European bioplastics (European bioplastics organization), are gradually approaching the test load, and they are opposed to the statements of bioplastics manufacturers. Some packers are also skeptical about the continued rapid growth of bioplastics products

The title of lux research report is "green plastics in the future with rapid development". The report cites such a set of data: the external wall of the project building should give priority to the external wall internal insulation system. The former biopolymer plastic only accounts for 1% of the global plastic revenue and about 0.1% of the quantity. However, from the current development point of view, bioplastics has become the priority development direction of leading enterprises in the plastic industry. For example, Dow Chemical, Bayer and BASF. Many newly established companies are entering this industry, including Cargill, which plays an important role in the agricultural field. The report concludes: "At present, bioplastics has a market of 1billion dollars, and there will be double-digit growth in the next few years. At the same time, the report also provides some suggestions for the operation of hydrostatic testing machine: biopolymers must be efficient and economical, not only harmless to the ecology, but also develop products according to the market demand.

lux Research Report provides guidance for the development of bioplastics manufacturers of different products in the next few years. This opinion is based on the industry Analysis opinions, raw material data and visits to R & D personnel. This report makes a comprehensive assessment of traditional plastic manufacturers and bioplastics manufacturers, including product performance, cost competitiveness and impact on the ecological environment. Through these three aspects, we get the following conclusions:

the performance of products is not the primary. The actual performance of many plastic products, such as the handle of toothbrush, the packaging of products and the ink cartridge of printer, has been much better than the performance of the product. This provides an opportunity for bioplastics suppliers to provide manufacturers of these products with products with slightly lower performance but more in line with the ecological environment, so as to attract consumers to buy

in the short term, the price of bioplastics is still the bottleneck that restricts its effectiveness. Although it seems that PLA producers are better than competitors using traditional oil methods, as long as the price of oil is less than $100 per barrel, the price of bioplastics is almost twice that of traditional plastics. Even if some prices rise, the rising cost of plant raw materials will weaken this trend

chemical manufacturers can establish technical cooperation relations with scientific research institutions and newly established companies. New technologies provide new possibilities for the development of bioplastics. Interdisciplinary is the new trend of bioplastics development at present. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the best way is to find and buy low-cost technological achievements

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