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Report on the application of PET materials in alcoholic beverages (IX)

9 exquisite PET bottles help white rock reduce the cost of vodka

White Rock distillers has recently launched a 1.75 liter Pinnacle vodka in transparent blue PET bottles. This kind of bottle is produced by Amcor PET packaging company. It not only greatly reduces the cost, but also maintains the unique image of pinnacle. At first, the 1.75 liter glass bottle launched by Pinnacle was imported from Italy. The bottles are shipped to a factory in Montreal, where they are coated with powder to achieve a distinctive transparent blue effect. Then, it is sent to the United States for filling

Joe werda, the operation director of white rock distilleries, said, "the long supply chain keeps the number of broken bottles high. The packaging costs of these glass bottles purchased from Europe and their decoration are also very expensive. We think we can find a high-quality pet bottle, which can not only effectively display our brand, but also greatly save costs."

when considering replacing pet, whit reflects that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have always tried to ensure that the brand image is not affected in any form

joe werda said: "The main reason why we chose Amcor is to take a fancy to their design ability and think that they can design unique bottles. We gave them a design scheme. We know that glass bottles are difficult to replicate with plastic. Our goal is that they can design bottles that are close enough to glass bottles in appearance, but the material is pet.

this kind of bottle has several unique design elements. It gradually tapers from the shoulder to the bottom and the bottom There is a supporting base surface in the upper part, and the whole contour is higher than other commercial 1.75 liter PET bottles. At the same time, the design and manufacturing parameters have also been properly adjusted to achieve the desired geometric effect

the company also has special requirements for color. Finally, the color of the bottle is slightly different from that of the previous glass bottle, adding a little blue tone

werda said, "getting the right color has become another challenge. After many attempts, the dynamic testing machine mainly includes the fatigue testing machine, and Amcor has made a blue bottle. We are very satisfied with this color, and even consider changing our 750 mL and 1 l bottles (which are still glass at present) to this color, so as to be consistent with PET bottles."

this change is also that the company can provide a more competitive retail price system, because the packaging will greatly reduce the cost

bill dabbelt, vice president of sales of white rock distilleries, said, "we are very satisfied with the appearance and texture of this bottle. They look very good quality. Many consumers didn't realize that it was made of pet at the beginning. Kristiansen said in a statement:" our mission is to inspire and cultivate tomorrow's architects to touch it with their own hands. " Fred Pierce, Amcor's head of alcohol business, said, "white rock's new PET bottle demonstrates Amcor's ability to provide high value-added product solutions. It not only greatly saves the cost of the supply chain, but also its colors and patterns account for 28%; the export of 2.239 million tons has greatly improved the brand image."

white rock distilleries is a well-known producer and importer of high-quality alcohol. The company has a modern production base in Lewiston, Maine, covering an area of ten acres. With six bottling production lines, more than 150 brands and a production capacity of more than five million boxes, the company is expected to continue to maintain its 67 year successful record. In recent years, white rock has launched a series of new products, and its sales records have been constantly refreshed. The most noteworthy ones are the launch of the three olives vodka production line, cabana boy and the new Pinnacle vodka. White rock has also reached a series of agreements with a number of international brewers, including Morrison Bowmore distilleries in Scotland, Louis Royer cognac in France and

in the UK, which have established a branch of differentiated products to help consumer goods enterprises obtain novel, fast enough to adapt to the market and different product design solutions. The company focuses on providing unique packaging solutions for market segments such as personal care, food and alcohol

Amcor PET packaging is a world leading pet (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic packaging manufacturer, providing packaging for beverages, food and non food industrial products to 70 manufacturers in 20 countries around the world. Its parent company, Amcor Co., Ltd., is one of the three largest packaging companies in the world, which can provide a variety of packaging solutions. Amcor has a wide range of businesses, including 217 factories in 34 countries around the world. Its headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia. As of the fiscal year ended June 30, 2005, its annual sales have exceeded $8.5 billion

source: packaging Expo

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