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The report shows that only 7% of Chinese students passed the U.S. college entrance examination

the 2012 China sat annual report released on the 27th showed that less than 7% of Chinese high school students who took part in the SAT of the U.S. college entrance examination achieved a "pass line" of 1800, while only 2% achieved a score of more than 2000, which is generally required by high-quality universities in the United States. Xia gumingfen, member of the National Committee of experts on basic education curriculum and textbooks, also decided on the structure of the tensile testing machine. After analyzing the contents of the college entrance examination in China and the United States, he pointed out that this was due to the lack of critical thinking training in China's education. The SAT test is sponsored by the American University Council, and its results are an important reference for high school students from all over the world to apply for study in famous American schools and for coke traders in some regions to raise their prices. Sat consists of three parts: critical reading, mathematics and writing, with a full score of 2400. In recent years, with the trend of studying abroad younger, the number of Chinese high school students participating in SAT has increased geometrically

Wu Yunong, a SAT Training Expert and head of Duke education, said that sat emphasizes critical thinking ability and comprehensive analysis ability, and students with these abilities can get high scores in the exam. At the press conference, the person in charge of a key middle school in Beijing, which has a high profit, revealed that the two students who scored more than 2300 points in the SAT were strong in mathematics and chemistry. They either won awards in the national single subject competition, or their after-school activities were not always exciting at the same time

Xia Guming compared the "reading" part of the college entrance examination between China and the United States. He found that Chinese college entrance examination reading questions mainly point to logical thinking, and all judgments should be based on the text; The reading questions of American SAT1 are divided into six parts: explanation, analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation and self calibration, which obviously point to critical thinking

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