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Sharp air purifier household KC

due to the poor toughness of glass fiber

my family recently bought this sharp air purifier household kc-w380sw-w formaldehyde and haze removal bacteria and virus disinfection machine, which has been used for some time. Let me share my experience of using it. Comments are as follows:

since I came here, it has been so green, and the workmanship is quite good. The front panel is not pure white, a little marble, and the packaging is also very good, The instructions and precautions are very clear. You can see it as soon as you open the box. I hope it works. The real object is still OK. The pictures are not very good-looking, very good, and psychological comfort Reprint other user comments and share them with friends behind for reference

sharp air purifier household kc-w380sw-w configuration parameters [View official quotation]:

Product Name: sharp/sharp kc-w380sw-

brand: sharp/sharp

model: kc-w380s resin transfer molding (RTM) is a kind of composite material manufacturing process. Want to popularize W-W

Noise on a large scale: DB

control mode: push-button

intelligent type: do not support intelligent

filter type: composite filter

Product number: kc-w380sw-w

Color Classification: white

air volume: 375 cubic meters/hour

applicable area: 41m^2 (included) -60m^2 (included)

function: pollen removal, formaldehyde removal, smoke removal, dust removal, sterilization and humidification

working principle: activated carbon anion plasma HEPA technology other

air purification product category: air purifier

guided by terminal demand

air volume: cubic meter/hour

power supply mode: AC power

after sales service: national joint insurance

applicable object: household

air purifier air volume: 400 cubic meters/hour

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