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"Shared express box" appears in Zhengzhou and can be recycled for thousands of times

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core tip: according to Suning Tesco, the first to use and promote this "drifting box", after your baby is loaded into the "shared express box", the express brother will open it face to face and recycle it when it is delivered to you, that is to say, Just reach out and take the baby. Moreover, each "shared express box" can be recycled for thousands of times, which not only saves costs in the long run, but also plays a role in energy conservation and environmental protection

[China Packaging News] according to Suning Tesco, the first to use and promote this "drifting box", after your baby is loaded into the "shared express box", the express brother will open it face to face and recycle it when it is delivered to you, that is, you just need to reach out and take away the baby. In addition, each plastic film blowing machine will continue to introduce advanced technology "shared express box", which can be recycled for thousands of times. In the long run, it not only saves the cost of tightening the motor fixing screws, but also saves energy and environmental protection, and plays a bonding role under different material temperatures

environmental protection "shared express boxes" appeared in Zhengzhou express market

in the morning, I saw at the 3C digital commodity sorting warehouse of Suning logistics base in Erqi District of Zhengzhou that the first batch of "shared express boxes" delivered from Nanjing to the base two days ago had been put into use. I saw that the sorting personnel were orderly looking for the owners of "small yellow boxes": scan the code of the box, then scan the code of the goods, print the express face sheet and invoice, load one, iPad and other goods into the small yellow box, then close the cover plates on both sides of the box, tie the disposable box sealing buckle, and paste the express face sheet on the front of the box, and then you can happily embark on the distribution journey

"at present, the shared express box is only used for the delivery of 3C goods, mother and baby, and FMCG fragile goods in door-to-door signing and self delivery." According to Wang Qiang, public affairs manager of Zhengzhou Suning Logistics Co., Ltd., the size of this yellow express box is about 30 cm long and 20 cm wide, which is the same as that of Ordinary Express boxes

according to the introduction, the single production cost of this shared express box is 25 yuan, the service life of a single express box is more than 1000 times, and the single use cost is only 2.5 cents, which is similar to the size of this shared express box. 1. Maximum experimental force: the cost of a 100kN ordinary paper box is about 1.5 yuan, which is too high and environmentally friendly, "recycling is also very troublesome"

according to the statistics of insiders, the number of express packages in China exceeded 31.3 billion in 2016, and the corrugated box (ordinary carton) base paper used behind it was up to 46million tons, accounting for one third of the world and about 72million trees. However, there are only about 1.555 million trees in a small Xing'an Mountain. "If the e-commerce industry join the Suning Tesco shared express box program, with the efforts of everyone, nearly 46.3 small Hinggan Mountains can be saved in a year." Previously, houenlong, President of Suning Tesco, affirmed the significance of sharing express boxes with data

"double 11" your express delivery may be taking the "shared express box" to the door

according to long Jun, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou logistics company, Suning logistics has launched the "drifting box action" plan to use recyclable express boxes to replace cartons since April this year, "As of October, Suning has put 50000 drift boxes in total. Due to the current booming sharing economy, drift boxes are also known as shared express boxes, which are used for the delivery of 3C goods, mothers and babies, and fast-moving fragile goods in door-to-door signing and self delivery distribution. It is planned that by 2018, Suning will put 200000 drift boxes in total, gradually expanding the application of sharing and recycling packaging in green logistics."

this year's "double 11", Suning will invest a total of 200000 shared express boxes in 13 cities across the country, in addition to Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Jinan and so on, "among them, during this year's" double 11 ", Zhengzhou will use 5000 shared express boxes."

then, some consumers will ask whether there is an additional charge or deposit for using the shared express box? And what if the purchase involves privacy and it is inconvenient to open it in front of the courier

in this regard, the staff of Suning logistics said that consumers will not charge any fees for using it, and there is no deposit. "If it involves private goods purchased by consumers, you can rest assured that we will put them into the shared express box after privacy packaging, so that even if we take out the goods in front of express delivery, the express brother will not know what goods you buy."

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