The hottest shared furniture is coming. You can re

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Here comes the sharing furniture. Here comes the renting full set of furniture.

here comes the sharing furniture.

November 30, 2017

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sharing bicycles, sharing cars, sharing umbrellas, sharing power packs... After the launch of a series of dazzling "sharing" products, now comes the sharing furniture - rent the furniture to your home through the platform, and you can return it to the boss if you don't need it. Some people predict that this will be the next round of "sharing" economic hot spot, really

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shared furniture came. Professor Guo told that you can rent a full set of furniture on the upper floor

rent a full set of furniture on the upper floor

TV (32 inches) 3 high molecular chain was forced to stretch the chain into a linear state under the action of the nozzle. 3 yuan, 28.9 yuan for the refrigerator (163L), 63 yuan for the air conditioner (1.5 pieces), 35 yuan for an iron bed, 9 yuan for a round tea table, 15 yuan for a shoe cabinet... Open the station, Drag the furniture you want into the shopping cart, sign the contract, pay the deposit, and then wait for the merchant to deliver it to your door. However, this is not the price of shopping, but the monthly rent of these furniture! Yesterday, I opened a station called "countries have specially formulated national standards or industry standards for the dimensional tolerance of plastic parts to live easily", and tried to "rent" a set of two bedroom furniture, from home appliances to Wuxi Xingda sofa, starting from three months. The longer the rent, the cheaper the rent. After three years of rent, the furniture belongs to the customer. When they heard that the location was Changsha, the backstage service staff said that they needed to reach a certain amount to deliver goods, because the company currently only had branches in Hefei, Wuhan, Chengdu and other places. The Shenzhen based "Zhufang" said that the company's furniture leasing is currently mainly in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and only deals with hotel furniture leasing business for Changsha for the time being

in the interview, it was found that there are more than ten companies that carry out furniture leasing business through the platform, and the business scope is similar - all kinds of furniture can be rented for a short time, and the charge is relatively affordable. After the continuous rent reaches a certain number of years (usually three years), the furniture can belong to the customer. In addition to foreign companies, there are also furniture companies in Changsha that have begun to try to participate in furniture sharing. Now, in early September, when the branch of Adu Judi cabinet located in a household market opened, it shouted the slogan of "leading Changsha household into the era of sharing economy"

meet the needs of renters

"if there is a suitable refrigerator and washing machine, I'm willing to rent it temporarily." As a migrant worker who has been working for more than a year, Liu Jing, who works as a translator in a travel agency, told her that she shared a new house with her classmates. The boss provided wooden furniture, but there were no appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. He invested too much in buying high-end products. He had a house and couldn't use it when he bought a cheap one, so he was willing to rent household appliances. For small pieces of furniture, renters generally say that they are not as good as buying them themselves, because they can take them away when they move in the future

it is understood that since the beginning of this year, with the introduction of new policies in the local property market, the government has paid unprecedented attention to housing leasing. According to the data released by linkhome Data Research Institute, the contribution of the rental market to the property market is rising, which is undoubtedly a huge potential market. Insiders said that furniture leasing has become a booming green industry in the world. At present, the size of the U.S. furniture leasing market has reached $44billion, but domestic furniture leasing has not yet formed a scale, and shared furniture can make up for this market demand

there are differences in market reactions

for the emerging shared furniture, there has been great controversy in the industry since its emergence. Supporters believe that this model represents the development trend of the Internet economy and can bring tangible benefits to customers. For example, for the rental of hotel furniture opened by "zhucube" to the Hunan market, there are 3-year or 5-year rental packages to choose from, as long as the down payment is 30%, and the rest is paid quarterly in the form of rent, which can alleviate the financial pressure of investors. "As long as it is beneficial to consumers, we will spare no effort to explore and try." Cheng Hongyu, President of AIDU Judi home appliances, said

opponents said that shared furniture cannot be compared with shared bicycles. The possibility of furniture reuse is very small. In addition, it has the characteristics of high transportation and installation costs, easy to damage, and long investment payback period, so investors are at great risk; Moreover, when renting local houses in Changsha, landlords are used to matching simple furniture, which also means that furniture rental space will be limited

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